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Part 2: 4 reasons your floors need an area rug [Video]

Welcome back!

Last week, we promised we’d seal the deal and convince you to invest in an area rug. Let’s continue!

How often do you enjoy walking across your hardwood flooring on a cold day? Chances are, you don’t. With an area rug, you can give your feet warm, cozy relief from those days spent sprinting from the kitchen to the couch.

Lastly, the best reason to invest in an area rug: they’re portable. When you choose to install carpeting over your hardwood floors, you’re stuck. With an area rug, you can move it around the room or replace it! They’re one of the most versatile pieces you can have in your home.

Thanks for watching! If you need help choosing an area rug, reach out to a Decorating Den Interiors personal decorator.

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