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Powerful color combinations


Your color scheme is a vital part of your home’s interior design. Colors can evoke very specific emotions and set incredibly particular moods, which is why choosing the right combination is all-important for achieving your desired effect. Some palettes are more effective than others in creating distinct atmospheres, so let’s have a look at a few of our favorite, effective color combinations.

Understanding color theory

Before we dive into our selection, it might be useful to learn a little more about colors and how they’re combined. Every imaginable color sits somewhere on the color wheel (a circle containing all colors), and where they’re positioned in relation to each other plays a big role in the effects their combination produces.

For example, complementary colors are located on opposite sides of the wheel and create strong contrast (think purple and yellow). By contrast (pun intended), analogous colors are next to each other on the wheel (such as yellow, yellow-green and green) and produce balance and harmony. Triadic colors are evenly spaced along the color wheel and create vibrant results (like red, yellow and blue).

Top color combo picks

Now that you have an idea of how color combinations work, check out some of our favorites and see which tickles your fancy:

Black and white

Although these two are both technically the absence of color, they’re a classic minimalist staple that creates a wonderfully stark contrast. Adding a gray-green can soften a room without dulling it.

Using black and white in interior design creates a timeless and sophisticated aesthetic.

Beige or brown and blue

These combinations may not make you think of the word “powerful,” but they’re incredibly good at creating a relaxing atmosphere. You can include a touch of gray for balance. Any shade of blue works with a sandy tone, but lighter hues contribute to a more beachy or luxurious feel. Alternatively, incorporate some black to make a room more modern.

color, design, interior design, dining roomNavy blue combined with dark brown has a wonderfully elegant effect.

Pink and blue or green

Pink and blue are a timeless color pairing for a reason! The shades you pick will determine the room’s vibe. For example, brighter and more vivid colors like raspberry or fuchsia and teal or aqua create a fun, lively atmosphere, whereas baby shades in both colors are ideal for children’s rooms and nurseries. Pink and green still have that same cool and warm mixture that can make a space pop without being harsh.

Using pink and blue in interior design adds a playful and vibrant touch to any space.

Blue and white

This pairing works especially well with patterns like stripes and florals (think china porcelain and nautical decor). Blue and white are a strong union that’s still soft on the eye. It’s clean and fresh, and it can be combined with other neutral tones to create some depth or soften an area’s overall look.

Blue and white has remained a popular duo for a reason!

Green and red or white

An earthy green like olive combined with a deep red scarlet or tangerine produces richness without looking like Christmas. This is a wonderful scheme to use for a vintage aesthetic. Dark green, such as emerald, mixed with white or light gray generates a beautiful clean balance that can be used with any interior design style, from rustic to contemporary.

This olive and white combination radiates sophistication.

Black and red

From bugs to birds and fish to snakes, there’s a reason you see this particular color combination so often in nature. It’s wonderfully bold and daring, radiating strength. Black and red are well-suited to modern and contemporary designs, but can be used as a color accent in other interior design styles. If you’re not a fan of true red, tangerine or blood orange are suitable, too.

Black and red creates a bold and dramatic atmosphere.

Dark brown and blush

Should you crave the contrast of black and red without its potential harshness, opt for a very dark brown like mahogany and a dusty or rosy pink, or even peach. This blend is very chic, reminiscent of Chanel suits and old-school glamor.

This color combination is playful yet classy.

We know it can be frustratingly difficult to choose any one color scheme for a room or home, even if you do know what type of vibe you want to create. Fortunately, our expert decorators are here to help! Simply contact Decorating Den Interiors to be paired with your personal partner who will help you choose the right color combination(s) to bring your vision to life.

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