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Preparing your patio for springtime


With spring and warmer weather approaching, it just makes sense that you’ll want to spend more of your time outside, soaking up the sun. No better place to spend the sunny days than on your patio! But you’ll want to spruce it up to make the seasonal transition from winter to spring – which is definitely one of the more exciting shifts.

To be able to enjoy your patio as soon as the spring weather hits, start thinking about how you’ll break out the vernal decor ahead of time. Here are five tips to consider when planning on bringing your patio back to life this season:

1. Lots of floral arrangements

Nothing says spring like a beautiful bouquet of flowers. To really get that warm and sunny feel on your patio, consider gathering some different types of flowers to keep around. House Beautiful recommends a handful of the best spring flowers to plant during the season, including daffodils, tulips, star magnolias and one of the brightest and springiest – rhododendrons.

2. Consider indoor/outdoor furniture

Spring can be a somewhat temperamental season – some days you’ll see nothing but clear skies and high temperatures, whereas the next it’ll be chilly and rainy. To be able to keep your patio functional no matter what Mother Nature’s mood may be, try out some indoor/outdoor furniture. These versatile furnishings will be able to get wet without getting ruined, and can also withstand the powerful rays of the sun. This way, you’ll be able to keep your furniture out every single day without worrying about it getting destroyed when it rains. You know what they say about those April showers – so it’s best to be prepared!

Incorporating some flowers will introduce a nice pop of color to your patio.

3. Incorporate bright colors and pastels

Typically, you associate pinks, blues, yellows and greens with springtime. Swap out those dark, wintry colors for some lovely pastels this season. For something to brag about, try incorporating some of Pantone’s 2020 Spring/Summer color palette selections. Out of their twelve selections, some highlights include Coral Pink, Biscay Green, Classic Blue (the Pantone color of 2020!), Orange Peel and Mosaic Blue. Keeping your patio up-to-date with trendy and bright colors will really make it feel like spring is in the air.

4. Keep some pillows and blankets handy

While we’re all excited for the warm temperatures that come with spring, reality kicks in when the sun goes down and sweaters make a nightly comeback. To ensure you’re still able to enjoy your patio at times other than high noon, keep some throw pillows and embellishing blankets around for when the chill hits.

5. Throw down an accent rug

Accent rugs are typically thought of as more of an indoor highlight, but they can look pretty great on your outdoor patio, too. Try to stick with the colors you chose to decorate with, and highlight one of them with your rug. This will not only tie your decor together nicely, but it will also make your patio have more of a comfortable and “homey” feel.

You should start preparing your patio for the springtime as soon as the snow stops falling. This will encourage you to spend more time outside, and will give you a longer spring season on your patio. This type of transitional project can be a bit intimidating, so feel free to contact one of our personal decorators at Decorating Den. One of our professionals will conveniently come to you for a free consultation to evaluate what your current outdoor space looks like, and will provide you with styling tips based on your preferences, modern industry trends and more.

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