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Reasons to rearrange your furniture


Picking out a new color scheme and investing in updated decor for your favorite room may be exhilarating, but when was the last time you rearranged the furniture? Mixing things up through the placement of your chairs, end tables and sofas is a simple way to enhance your room and give it an entirely new look and feel. Rearranging furniture every season, or at least once a year, can be beneficial in many ways.

Still not convinced that your furniture needs to be reorganized? Here are a few of the many reasons to switch things up:

1. Save your floors
Whether you entertain on a regular basis or your family members are the only people who frequent your living space, there’s no escaping the foot traffic that will inevitably wear down your carpeting or hardwood flooring. By moving the furniture around, you can essentially “hide” the heavily-touched floors and expose the space that was protected by your sofa or lounge chair for years.

2. Deep clean the space
When was the last time you gave the living room, bedroom or guest space a deep clean? Not just a vacuum and dusting, but a true deep cleanse of the carpeting underneath the furniture, as well as all of the corners and walls hidden by the bed, sofa, chairs, television stand or wardrobe? Rearranging your furniture offers the perfect opportunity to thoroughly clean the room from top to bottom – something you should consider doing a couple times a year, perhaps to flow with the season changes.

Decorating DenGive your room a deep clean after rearranging your furniture.

3. Make the room feel bigger
Is there a room in your house that you wish you could dream bigger? You don’t have to knock down any walls or move to a new home to get that larger living space. Maybe all you need to do is rearrange the furniture. If you’re really short on space, keep large pieces of furniture against the wall to maximize the room. If you feel like you have a little more space to work with, try floating your furniture, which means bringing those staple pieces that would normally sit on the wall to the center of the room. Not only can this make the room feel bigger, it’ll encourage steady traffic flow and could potentially make the space look like an entirely different room.

4. Make yourself feel better
Did you know that moving your furniture around can actually make you feel better? According to Psychology Today, rearranging a room can elevate your mood, instilling satisfaction, effectiveness, creativity and comfort. It’s also a simple way to clear your mind; just as you’re cleaning the clutter of the room while rearranging your furniture, your mind becomes at ease, grounded and clearer. So don’t wait around for a bad day – start moving things around in a room that feels less comfortable than it once did for a natural mood boost.

If your furniture has been in the same place since you moved in, it’s definitely time for a change. Don’t feel intimidated if you don’t know where to get started, however – a personal decorator from Decorating Den Interiors can offer a helping hand. He or she will come to your space for a free consultation. From there, he or she will evaluate your space, discuss a few ideas and develop a floor plan so you don’t have to move things around multiple times until you get it right.

By the end of your discussion, you’ll feel confident in changing things up. So don’t hesitate! Get in contact with a design consultant from Decorating Den Interiors today.

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