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Redesigning a small room that packs a punch


Does your home have that one nook or room that makes it difficult to make the most of its space? You can’t figure out how to decorate it, let alone articulate how exactly you can maximize the area and utilize it to its fullest potential.

Whether it’s a bedroom, makeshift workspace or a little corner that your kids use for playtime, there are specific design tips and elements you can incorporate into the living area that can make it seem larger than it actually is. Color, furniture and decor choice all play a major role in how you can have fun with design and really pack a punch out of what could’ve been an ignored, empty space.

Evaluate your needs within the living space
How do you currently use this space? Do you have new plans after renovating the small area? These are valid questions to consider as you decide what type of decor and furniture you’ll need. Take the following scenarios, for example:

  • For a small workspace: All you need is a desk, chair and some type of storage space. We recommend vertical shelving here so you can free up the floor space that a bookshelf or storage unit would take up.
  • For a bedroom: Take a minimalist approach here as well. Your bedroom should have a bed and storage for your clothing. Other furniture can make it feel cluttered, so keep it minimal and include only the necessities.


Keep a neutral color scheme in mind.

Use appropriate colors
Unfortunately, certain colors and shades can make your small space feel even more minuscule and cluttered. Dark colors should be avoided in this case; they absorb light and make the four walls feel more closed in. Lighter shades can create the illusion of a larger area — that’s because they’re more reflective and maximize the way light moves around the room. During the initial stages of your redesign process, keep this tip in mind. A neutral color scheme can work wonders over one that’s dark and deep. The 2021 Pantone Color(s) of The Year, Ultimate Gray and Illuminating are two excellent choices for a smaller room, for example.

Take lighting seriously
As previously mentioned, light means everything in a tiny space.  We always talk about the importance of lighting regardless of your living space arrangements, but it doesn’t get more important than this scenario.


Natural lighting is your best friend in a small space.Natural lighting is your best friend in a small space.

Take advantage of natural lighting to its fullest extent by keeping window coverings as minimal and sheer as possible. If there’s little opportunity for outdoor lighting, artificial illumination will work wonders here. Try to keep your lighting options off of the ground to avoid taking up unnecessary space; hanging sconces are helpful in this scenario. Of course, if you have a desk or side table in your room, lamps are also useful here.

Use multifunctional furniture as much as you can
When you’re minimizing the amount of furniture in your rooms, you still need to make sure that you have enough storage for your belongings. That’s where multifunctional furniture becomes the best friend of a small space. A bed base with drawers is ideal for the bedroom, while a desk with built-in compartments reduces the need for additional storage options.

Multifunctional furniture allows you to minimize the pieces placed in your small space.

Multifunctional furniture allows you to reduce the pieces placed in your small space.

Seek professional assistance from Decorating Den Interiors
Small spaces can be intimidating to handle, especially when you’re going for a total redesign. If the idea of handling this home revamp project all by yourself seems out of reach, contact a personal decorating consultant from Decorating Den Interiors instead!

One of our highly skilled and experienced design consultants can provide an in-person or over-the-phone complimentary consultation to decide what kind of design schemes and style elements will work best in the room you want to redo.

If you choose to have the personal decorator come to your home, he or she can get an in-depth look at the amount of space you’re working with. From there, the design consultant can provide the best plan and recommendations for turning the room into an unforgettable, comfortable living space that you’ll have trouble leaving.

You’re spending more time in your house than ever before — you should feel satisfied with every room! Contact Decorating Den Interiors today to help your living space feel more complete.

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