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Seasonal transition tips: How to transform your living room from a summer to fall feel


It may seem like summer has just begun, but September and the official start of autumn are just around the corner. This means it’s time to start thinking about transitioning your living spaces for the season.

Your living room is likely where most of the action in your home takes place and the space you put the most effort into decorating. Here are some easy ways you transform this focal point of your home from a summer to fall feel:

Bring in cozy accents

Summer is all about lights and airy accessories and textures around the home, but with the cooler temperatures fall brings it’s time to begin incorporating cozy accents. Swap out crisp white linens and throw pillows for warmer throw blankets and fluffy pillows that your family can cuddle up on the sofa under on a cool fall night.

Additionally, if you have any oversized furniture that may go into storage during the summer, now is the time to bring it back into the living space to create a snug and comfortable feel.

Adopt a warm color palette

We take inspiration for home decor from the colors around us, and in fall that means the warm, earthy hues or orange, yellow, red and brown. You can begin incorporating these colors in your accessories and decor like throw pillows and blankets. Also, the warm shades of burgundy and orange work well in window treatments and rugs.

Bring in warmer colors, natural elements and candles.Bring in warmer colors, natural elements and candles.

Change the lighting

As the days get shorter, it’s important to begin thinking more about the lighting around your home. Bright, artificial lights can be too bright when you’re trying to host guests or a family game night in the living room, but softer glow can be perfect. Consider bringing in more candles to your decor – an added bonus is that scented candles like cinnamon and pumpkin can truly evoke the feelings of the season in your space.

Switch out seasonal decor

Do you have seashells, patriotic decor and bright pops of color in your living room? It’s time to retire some of these summer decor items and switch them out for fall accessories. This can be as simple as leaving a bowl of fresh fall fruits on the living room table to munch on or as intricate as pumpkin and wheat display. A nice fall wreath can also be an eye-catching addition to your wall decor for the season.

Don’t forget the florals

Florals for fall? Flowers are likely something you associate more with spring and summer, but there are still plenty of natural elements you can add to your interior design. Better Homes & Gardens suggested adding leaves, acorns or decorate branches to your space to bring color and life into your living room. Other autumnal flowers like mums are another beautiful addition.

Transitioning the feel of your living space from summer to fall is made easy with help from the personal decorators at Decorating Den Interiors. Our expert decorators understand just what seasonal touches can evoke the warm and cozy feelings of fall in your living room so it will be a place your family will want to gather.

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