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Shift your design scheme to accommodate the new normal


If there’s one thing we all have in common going into 2021, it’s that we’re spending more time in our homes than we ever imagined. Whether it’s working from home, learning remotely or spending free time with family members, it’s all happening within the walls of your living space. From virtual game nights to exercising with a step-by-step video tutorial, the number of activities we’ve learned to do without leaving the house makes it difficult to remember what life was like before the spring of 2020.

Of course, we hope things will get back to normal in the near future. But making your home more comfortable and accommodating to your newly acquired wants and needs is essential to feeling your best, reducing stress and maximizing your living space. Restructuring your home is necessary; making a shift in your design scheme will not only change the way you can work and study, but it will also transform how you live.

Here are a few style updates you can make to your home to help you adapt during these unusual times:

Reconsider your floor plan
Open floor plans have been popular for years for many reasons. They make for a more flexible layout, and they also promote socialization and improved communication between rooms. The latter, however, can feel like less of a priority for many at these times, because it’s more difficult than ever to find the smallest ounce of privacy when your entire household is home indefinitely.

Use furniture to create division between rooms with an open floor plan.Use furniture to create division between rooms with an open floor plan.

Because of this reason, closed off spaces and rooms with walls may be making a major comeback. If you’re not interested in calling a contractor and creating a construction zone in your home, fabric screens, double-sided bookcases, seated furniture, transparent dividers and sheer wall coverings can be used to divide living spaces and create a physical barrier that promotes even the smallest bit of privacy.

Seclude yourself with a new office space
Your kitchen table doesn’t have to be the place you’re running your business or taking care of work emails. Having your own desk and a consistent office space is optimal; this creates privacy that can help you thrive at work and improve your concentration.

Create a space that is dedicated to your work.Create a space that is dedicated to your work.

If a secluded office space isn’t an option, find a spot in your home that you can dedicate to your work. Set up a desk, comfortable ergonomic chair and office accessories that inspire a productive mindset.

Remind your family members that this is your “office” to encourage the privacy you would have in a closed-off room.

Give the kids a place to study
If anyone’s feeling the impact of the shutdowns at the moment, it’s the younger generation. Kids are used to face-to-face learning, interacting with friends and socializing from the time they get on the school bus until they step back off of it at the end of the day. Throw remote learning at them, a concept that’s very strange and unfamiliar, and it gets a little tricky.

To make things more comfortable and routine, it’s important to create a consistent learning space. A semi-private study area in the home, free of distractions, is essential to their success. If they thrive more in silence, seclude them from the other family members in the house and set up shop in their bedroom. If they’re more successful working around others, perhaps you can keep your children in the same room, or if you have an only child, you can set up a small desk near your own.

Introduce study spaces for your children.
Introduce study spaces for your children.

Reach out to the professionals for assistance
At Decorating Den Interiors, we understand how many challenges come with working from home, helping your children navigate remote learning and simply adjusting to this new lifestyle. Incorporating some of our prior design suggestions can help you and your family members succeed and feel more comfortable in your living space again.

If you’re looking for further assistance in making adjustments, contact one of our design consultants. He or she can provide a free consultation to go over your lifestyle, design style, needs and limitations to devise a design scheme that works well — and looks great — for you and your family members. With the right modifications, we can help you create a living space that motivates you to work, relax and live as you should.

Now’s a great time to transform your living space to accommodate the changing times. Contact one of our personal decorators today to get started!

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