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Show Your Home’s True Colors This Year


When it comes to design, color takes the cake. Gone are the days when all-white everything reigned supreme. 2023 is ushering in a new season — and it looks bright.

After extensive research and a deep look at the styles that formed and became popular last year, it’s evident that colorful design is essential in the market and in today’s interior design. Although the popularity of color has come and gone over the years, the importance of its use has never wavered. From the very beginning of interior design to its present stage we’re currently experiencing, color has played a vital role in the homes of people all over the world.

And almost no one did color better than Dorothy Draper, one of the most influential decorators in the early 1900s. Draper was a firm believer in the beneficial physical effect of positive thinking — and color can have a huge impact on this.

But, using color isn’t always easy. Let’s do a deep dive into the importance of color and how to use it effectively in your home’s design — taking a few notes from the colorful styles of Dorothy Draper for guidance.

colorful chairsMake sure you consider your color palette when redecorating your home.

The Importance of Color

If you’re considering redecorating your home, make sure you think about your color palette. Although it may be very easy to choose a neutral color that will go with everything, it may not be the best option in the long run. It may not seem like the ultimate decision, but picking the paint, furniture and accessories that will live in your space can have the power to change your mood and well-being.

This has partly to do with color psychology, the study of hues as a determining factor of human behavior. Color can evoke certain emotions, change modes of thinking and inspire moods. Bright shades and bold patterns and prints can influence not only the ambiance of your space but also the mood of those occupying it. That means the range of shades you put in your home can impact a lot more than just your design.

Draper once wrote, “You don’t sell a commodity. You sell joy, gaiety and excitement. You aim at people’s hearts, not their minds.”

With that being said, this should be your goal for all things design: Find what appeals to your heart. Continue reading to learn how to accomplish this.

How To Dress Your Home in Colorful Design

In her 1939 book, “Decorating Is Fun,” she states, “Gather the samples of every color you intend using in your room first, then ask yourself whether you would wear them all in one costume. If you wouldn’t, then don’t ask your room to do it either. There should never be any doubt about what your color has to say.”

According to Draper — and most interior decorators — design is up to interpretation and preference, but mixing and matching too many crazy colors can have a negative effect on your space. If you’re curious about properly incorporating hues, you’ve come to the right place! Here are some tips to make your home’s decor perfect:

bright wallsPick a bright color to paint one or all of your walls.

Paint a Bright Accent Wall

If you found the best bright color for your walls, but you’re worried it may be a bit much, try painting just one of your walls to create a focal point in your room. The nice thing about this type of wall design is your ability to fully paint your walls if you later decide to go all in with your bright tint.

Mix and Match Throw Pillows

Grab an armful of different textured and patterned throw pillows for both your living room and bedroom. Be mindful of how the colors work together by sticking to about 3 or 4 coordinating shades. You can always switch out these plush additions for different ones if you want to swap out some of the hues.

Add Head-to-Toe Design

If you’re feeling daring, try painting your ceiling a bold color and watch your room brighten up in response. If this style feels like a far leap or just a tad out of your comfort zone, pick an ornate rug where all can see and enjoy it.

Partner With Decorating Den Interiors

One of the best ways to add color to your home without going overboard is to get advice from industry professionals. And who better to bring a pop of color to your space than Decorating Den Interiors?

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