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Signature pieces for decorating your nursery – Part 1 [Video]

Hi everyone,

Thanks for joining us. Today we’ll be discussing some ideas for designing the nursery for your little one on the way! You might be surprised to learn that your nursery decor can actually stimulate a newborn, so it’s important to include a couple of signature pieces.

Newborns need their senses stimulated. That means you need to fill the room with lots of interesting objects to play with and look at. Decorating Den will help you customize those accessories to fit your family’s personality.

This year the trend in nursery decor is looking very modern. We’re talking clean, minimal design. Consult with your personal designer to help you pick out the most stylish furniture and accessories.

Decorating Den Interior’s personal designers can help you create a chic yet stimulating nursery layout. Stay tuned for part two of nursery decor tips!