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Small dining room details that can make a major statement


The dining room is a place for family and friends to gather after long days apart. It’s a place to play catch-up over a hot, home-cooked meal.  A place to have game night and share laughs for hours. No matter how you utilize the dining room, it’s a special place for many. It deserves stylish decor and design elements that will make it shine.

The dining room table is generally the focal point of this space, but there are many ways to decorate around this statement piece in an effort to unite the whole room.

Thinking of giving your dining room a revamp in the near future? Here are a few small ways to make a major statement on your journey to redesign:

1. Add an accent wall
Instead of repainting all four walls of the dining room, pick some vertical space to create a stunning accent wall. You can do this with another shade of paint, or you can use wallpaper to add more texture in the space.

2. Choosing shelves instead of cabinetry
Placing a large form of vintage cabinetry in the dining room is the traditional route. If your design style is more transitional or contemporary, choose from the many outstanding buffets that will make your dining room the room in which you will want to entertain and show off.


Add an area rug to complete the cozy vibe.Add an area rug to complete the cozy vibe.

3. Don’t forget the area rug
An area rug is a must in the dining room, as it can add that level of comfort you’ve come to crave in this area of the home. If you want to go big and bold, choose a color, pattern or texture that makes this the focal point of the space. Make sure that the area rug extends out far enough so that chairs will still remain on top of the rug when they are pulled out for use.

4. Mix up the centerpiece
Instead of having a concrete centerpiece, why not mix things up to match the season? This can be a fun opportunity to follow seasonal themes while choosing pieces that still complement the rest of the room.

5. Decorate with mirrors
The dining room is a place for conversation, a space that exudes livelihood. The easiest way to keep this place vibrant and refreshing is to prioritize natural lighting. Sheer curtains is one way to do this, but decorating with mirrors is another hack that works. It’s a simple way to bounce the light around the room and can even make the space feel larger than it actually is.


Mirrors bounce light around the room.Mirrors bounce light around the room.

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