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Storage ideas for small spaces

It's an interesting phenomenon – some people are actually choosing to reside in small spaces. They've somehow found ways to glamorize the interiors of garages and backyard sheds and make them livable spaces. Some corridors are designed so well you might have even become envious of the intimate situation and considered moving into a small home yourself. Others are completely baffled – where do these people store belongings?

You're having a hard enough time trying to figure out  how to organize your regular-sized abode. Most people are used to having more storage capacity than less, but if these small space inhabitants have found a way to store their possessions with a clean design, you can too. Perhaps these individuals did this by consulting a personal decorator from Decorating Den Interiors. You should take advantage of this service and learn how you can turn your small area into a cozy haven.

Check out some of these easy steps you and your personal decorator can take to maximize your space right now:

Take advantage of every nook and cranny
If small homes have taught interior designers anything, it's that no space should be underutilized. Better Homes and Gardens noted that any nook could be turned into a bookshelf for your favorite novels or extra shelving to help you keep organized. Take a quick look around. There are tons of spaces that an untrained eye might not consider useful, but a personal decorator from Decorating Den Interiors will have dozens of ideas for it.

"Eliminate the need for clunky storage furniture."

Add shelves to the inside of cabinets and closet doors 
Really make your space versatile and organized by installing shelving units on the inside of kitchen and bathroom cabinets as well as closet doors, recommended The Huffington Post. This is a perfect project to tackle with your personal decorator from Decorating Den Interiors because she can help assess your belongings and make a suggestion based on what you have. 

Purchase multifunctional furniture 
There is a surprising amount of furniture that have hidden compartment features that are as chic as they are functional. Dealing with a small bedroom? There are beds equipped with built in storage drawers. If you're in your living room and want a place to put your feet up, you won't have to sacrifice organization space when you have an ottoman with a lid. Decorating Den Interiors personal decorator will show you all the secrets and help you determine what furniture is best for you.

Pick the right accessories 
To top everything off, you can make any space feel bigger with the right accessories. You just have to find balance otherwise you might end up making your space feel even smaller. Good thing you have your personal decorator to ensure you don't go overboard.