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Style trend: Modern farmhouse decor


According to the LA Times, modern farmhouse decor is one of this year’s most popular design trends. It’s rustic country styling with a contemporary touch – using traditional elements while giving them a chic, upgraded twist. Using this theme throughout your home is a simple way to evoke a warm and cozy vibe without feeling like you’re stuck in a different decade. Instead, the modern touch allows you to embrace the traditional theme while adding present-day charm that looks and feels good.

Some of the most common elements found in modern farmhouse decor include reclaimed wood, barn board details, pine furniture, wrought iron accents and vintage accessories, according to the Spruce. If you’re interested in achieving this stylish and timeless design theme, consider the following tips:

Think about your color palette
Step back from the loud, flashy color scheme you loved in the 90s. Now’s the time to tone things down with a more neutral color palette. Play with different shades of colors like cream, beige, gray and off white, then pick one cool hue to accent with, such as deep blue, forest green or plum.

Utilize natural textures
The natural textures you use throughout your home will go far in modern farmhouse decor. Be willing to mix wood and metal in your coffee, side and dining room tables. When it comes to your comfy and cozy furniture, use a variety of fabrics like cotton, canvas, wool, and faux fur. A mix of subtle textures is what completes the modern farmhouse feel without getting too busy.

Decorating DenPlay around with different textural elements in your furniture.

Accessorize from ceiling to floor
If you’re not used to using a neutral color palette, you may be worried that your space will look to bare and dull after the redesign. However, modern farmhouse design wants you to emphasize your empty space and accessorize from the walls to the floors. For example, Sarah Koller of Brit + Co recommended creating a gallery wall somewhere in your home. Perhaps it’s near the staircase, in the living room, in the kitchen or the entryway. No matter where you choose to accessorize, don’t let your mind wander when it comes to choosing pieces – make sure you stick to your theme. Koller explained that flea market may be a great place to pick up a few statement pieces.

“A trip to your local flea market will get you all of the simple block quotes and bold, aging keys you’ll need to make this subtly countrified gallery wall,” she wrote.

Don’t forget rustic accents
The accents you use in home decor make or break the scheme you’re going for. When it comes to farmhouse design, rustic details are key. Whether in the kitchen hardware, light fixtures around the house or accessories in the bathroom, make use of wrought iron, metals and white wash pieces throughout your space to achieve this timeless design scheme.

There’s a fine line between modern and classic farmhouse decor – one that can completely squash your design dreams if you overstep. To ensure you remain on the right path, contact a design consultant from Decorating Den Interiors. He or she can come to your home and provide a free consultation to evaluate your current living space. From there, you can discuss your ideas and receive feedback based on your own vision and that of the personal decorator‘s. There’s no need to second guess your modern farmhouse decor – a professional can ensure your design dreams come true.

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