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Summer 2023 Design Trends


Interior design trends are always changing: One day, Scandinavian is the hot new thing; the next, rustic farmhouse is where it’s at. Similarly, certain looks gain or lose popularity as the seasons change. Seasonality presents a great opportunity for decorating enthusiasts to switch up their decor to match the new weather.

As the days get longer and warmer, it’s time to take a look at some of the most popular emerging trends for summer this year:

Colors and patterns make a bold statement

Store your understated monochrome pieces somewhere safe, because this summer is all about big, bright shades and prints. Remember when Pantone’s color of the year in 2016 was a soft, blush pink? Now, it’s Viva Magenta! If warm tones aren’t your speed, vivid blues and greens are going to be “in,” too. In-your-face abstract shapes and geometric designs are all the rage, while florals and animal prints remain firm favorites. Opt for large-scale prints that hog all the attention (in a good way).

Blue and orange make a bold statement.

Sustainable and natural materials to protect the planet

Going big with your palette doesn’t mean having a big impact on the environment. There’s still a keen focus on minimizing carbon footprints with green fabrics such as bamboo and linen. We have good news for the thrifty among us, too, as repurposed and upcycled furniture and decor continue to take center stage. Nature lovers and plant parents will rejoice, knowing that biophilic design is on the rise.

Comfort is king

No more sitting on hard, unyielding chairs for the sake of aesthetics. We’re prioritizing being cozy in 2023. Plush furniture and textures like bean bags, velvet upholstery, furry pillows and shag carpets are going to be your best friends this year. Unsurprisingly, the “boho chic” style is making quite the comeback, too.

We love these inviting, cozy sofas.

Maximalism is loud and proud

If you couldn’t tell from the colors, patterns and textures, Maximalism has returned in full force, giving interior design fans an opportunity to showcase their personality rather than rigidly adhering to a specific design style. Now’s your chance to decorate with wild abandon and show off your favorite little trinkets and collections. There are no rules!

Coastal grandma isn’t just for your gran

Live out your inner “older, wealthy widow by her lakehouse” fantasy by indulging in this style. Imagine cottagecore made chic. It’s the perfect style for holiday homes or people who aren’t too keen on overly vibrant decor. Think pastel blues and creams, elegant stripes and understated florals, white ceramics, natural light, plenty of cotton, marble and touches of brass or copper.

Cottagecore meets the beach meets chic.

Spruce up your home with wood

As you may have guessed from the renewed interest in green materials, Maximalism, coastal grandma and comfortable furnishings, wood is gaining traction quickly. The days of cold glass and steel are somewhat over (for now). We’re using wood not only on our floors, but also for our furniture.

Warm, light woods are especially popular! Incorporating this natural material into your home is a perfect way to use sustainably-produced materials and presents a perfect opportunity to upcycle through purchasing second-hand pieces or items made from reclaimed wood and driftwood.

Wood is the name of the game.

We know this is a lot of info to take in, and there are quite a few seemingly contrasting or clashing trends. Not sure which of these appeal to you? Maybe you want to mix and match a few but feel at a loss as to where to begin? Don’t worry, because we’re here to help!

Simply get in contact with us, and an expert designer assigned just for you will pay you a visit to get a feel for your space and discuss your vision. Then, they’ll start crafting custom plans to turn your vision into reality. Once you’ve signed off on the designs, your designer will begin shopping for all the necessary materials and then get to work on the transformation as soon as possible.

You’ll be involved as little or as much as you want from the moment the process begins, and your designer will be available to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have. Ready to take the leap? Reach out to us today!


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