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The benefits of hidden storage


Let’s be honest: No one likes a cluttered living space. And even if you don’t notice that your home is more disorganized than put together, it probably just seems second nature by now. But that doesn’t mean it’s comfortable, and it definitely doesn’t mean it’s inviting for your guests and other family members.

But what if you have too many items and not enough space to store them? Even if your living arrangement is small, there’s still a saving grace that can work in your favor: hidden storage. From different pieces of multifunctional furniture to vertical hanging storage units, there are plenty of interesting and discrete ways you store items and reduce clutter around the house.


Wall space can be used to store and display decor and other attractive items. Wall space can be used to store and display decor and other attractive items.

Here are the benefits of hidden storage and options:

1. Minimize the clutter
Whether it’s a pile of clothing, a mountain of toys or a stack of papers, clutter is nothing more than a distasteful distraction that can take away from the beauty of your living space. When you create hidden storage options, you can get rid of the clutter and make the room more peaceful and put together. Consider the following furniture pieces down your road to reorganization:

  • A bed with built-in storage. This can be useful in the master bedroom for your clothing if your closet isn’t cutting it. In a children’s room, this can also be utilized for clothing but also toys in place of adding an extra box chest to the space.
  • Credenzas, chests and cabinets. Consider these in rooms that guests frequent when they visit your home, such as the kitchen, living room, family room and dining area. These storage options can be used to house books, seasonal accessories, games and other items that you don’t want clashing with the aesthetic of the room.

2. Spruce up your wall space
Remember: All of the accessories you own don’t have to be locked away and hidden completely. If you have collectibles or beautiful accessories that you want to put on display but have no space for, utilizing your walls for vertical storage is an excellent choice. A nice set of shelving not only gives you a space to put these prized possessions but also makes for a lovely set of wall decor. In this sense, you can consider the clutter “hidden” as it’s been transformed into a wall accessory in disguise.


A bed made with built-in storage can work wonders in your kid's room.A bed made with built-in storage can work wonders in your kid’s room.

3. More organization makes for maximized living space
When you’re readjusting your living space, keep in mind that any form of organizational storage is beneficial to the room in question. Whether you’re setting up shelving, adding multifunctional furniture or putting a new storage system in the closet, every organizational trick in the book gives you the opportunity to maximize the living space to the fullest extent.

And don’t forget: Before reorganizing rooms in your home, go through the clutter and decide if it still makes sense and has a purpose in your home. If you use it, find a place for it. If you haven’t touched it in years, get rid of it. This is one of the most common reasons clutter forms in the first place.


A hallow ottoman makes the ideal piece of multifunctional furniture.A hollow ottoman makes the ideal piece of multifunctional furniture.

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He or she will come to your home to provide a free consultation to evaluate your current living situation, assess options for reorganization and suggest specific opportunities for hidden storage to consider. From there, you can get a better understanding of what solutions would work best in your home and which ones will most encourage you to maintain cleanliness so clutter is kept at bay.

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