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The benefits of window treatments


Do you ever find yourself getting ready for a dinner date, interview or another special occasion and feel like even with the perfect outfit, something is still missing? That’s the beauty of accessorizing — with a few pieces of jewelry, you can complete a look and keep up with your appearance.

Similarly, interior design and home decor can make your living arrangement feel more complete. You can have a room full of sleek and inviting furniture, but without the right accents, you may find it difficult to achieve a living space that’s put together, enjoyable and adequate to your wants and needs. Window treatments are the perfect example of a missing puzzle piece in a room — windows deserve the same amount of attention as other parts of your home to create a cohesive, livable space. A set of custom window treatments can lead to saved energy, better sleep and potentially even soundproofing as thick drapery is known to create a more muted and calm living space.

Window treatments don’t only make a beautiful accessory. In fact, there are plenty of other benefits of this interior design element. Here are a few of the advantages to keep in mind as you redecorate your home:

While a room full or large floor-to-ceiling windows can be breathtaking and offer ample natural lighting, privacy can be an issue without window treatments in place. Window treatments come in a variety of fabrics and textures that can provide total seclusion or substantial privacy based on your lifestyle.


Blinds and drapery offer ultimate privacy.Blinds and drapery offer ultimate privacy.

Energy efficiency
Windows generally don’t have great insulation — hot and cold air can pass through the glass with minimal effort, which can ultimately impact the comfort levels in your own home. The great thing about window treatments, however, is they can create a blockade between your living space and the window. That means cold air won’t escape during the summer, and those frosty temperatures won’t come in during the winter. Not only will this impact your comfort levels, but it will also reduce what you spend on energy.

Furniture protection
You know that sun can damage your skin, but have you ever considered the impact it can have on your valuables? Think about what happens when you leave a patio furniture cushion out in the sun for too long; the color can dull over time.

But this doesn’t only affect your outdoor furniture. If you have a sofa, chair or table near the window, the sun that makes its way into your house can damage your indoor pieces as well. Window treatments offer protection for your precious pieces of furniture, giving them the preservation and a longer lifespan in your home.

Style opportunity
Your home should showcase your personality and style choices, which is what makes accessorizing such a fun task. Window treatments offer a great opportunity to showcase your style from not only the interior of your home but the exterior as well based on the type you choose.


Window treatments offer an opportunity to express your style.Window treatments offer an opportunity to express your style.

Need new window treatments? Call Decorating Den Interiors
Accessorizing can be one of the most exciting elements of redesigning your home, but it can also be stressful and daunting if you have no idea where to start. Instead of picking a set of window treatments that don’t match the vibe of your room, call a personal decorator from Decorating Den Interiors.

One of our experienced consultants will come to your home for a free consultation to evaluate your living space and provide you with an in-depth assessment based on the room, window type and size and your personal preferences. At this time, you can discuss your personal wants and needs for the room which can help the decorator narrow down the window treatment options for you to choose from.

Throughout the project, we encourage you to share all of your thoughts and ideas so you and your personal design consultant remain on the same page through the duration of the partnership. The collaboration will bring your room dreams to life.

The right window treatments can help your living space feel more complete and turn your house into a home. So what are you waiting for? Contact a personal decorating consultant from Decorating Den Interiors today to get started.