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The next design trend: Patina


As a homeowner, it can often feel overwhelming to find a decor style that suits your interior design and your personal taste. From the clean lines and muted hues of minimalism to pops of color and curved furniture inspired mid-century homes (and everything in between), there are many styles to choose from.

However, if you’re looking for some home decor inspiration that is truly unique, you may be interested in patina. Let’s explore more about this up-and-coming design trend.

What is patina?

Patina is actually used to describe a specially treated metal surface. As Felt Magnet explained, by using a blend of acid and salt on a metal like steel, copper, bronze or silver, you can create an intentional reaction. For patina, specifically, the end result can vary from a brilliant blue to a vibrant green set against the metal of your choosing.

While true patina is found on metal surfaces, this style has come to encompass anything with a weathered look or feel. Creating a worn effect on wood or other materials can also be considered in line with the patina style.

The blue and green hues of patina make a great accessory to this room.

by using a blend of acid and salt on a metal like steel, copper, bronze or silver, you can create an intentional reaction.

Patina decor 101

At this point, you may be thinking that patina decor only lends itself well to metal accessories like vases or wall art, but that’s not the case. Here are some other home accessories and furniture in patina:

Mirrors: A great way to add more interest to a plain mirror frame is with a patina finish. The weathered look of vibrant blues and glimmering copper or steel can add a great pop of color to your wall.

Console tables and chests: If you are looking for a larger piece to showcase patina, that’s also possible. Distressed metal complements weathered wood. If a table or chest has metal drawer handles or bands, these can be brushed up with a patina finish. There are also special paints and techniques that can make wooden furniture appear patina, so if you want it to make a bigger statement in your space, it can be accomplished with minimal fuss.

Light fixtures: Similar to mirrors, standing or mounted wall fixtures can be spruced up with patina. Since this style lends itself best to a rustic look, which we will discuss more later, metal lanterns and copper fixtures are especially beautiful with this unique treatment.

Of course, we can’t forget to talk about some of the classic patina decor items we mentioned previously. A large metal vase or other accessories like bookends and artwork are all elevated with a patina treatment.

Perfect for a rustic-chic feel this winter

The bright blues and greens and warm copper tones associated with patina lend themselves to a rustic style. While the colors are pleasing to the eye, they also evoke feelings of coziness and warmth that are perfect to incorporate into your home decor during the winter months.

For instance, a patina serving tray can be the perfect centerpiece on your table for holiday dinners. Candlesticks, vases and other accessories in the style are also great additions, as their bright colors are very much welcome during the colder, darker months of winter. If you like these small patina accents and want to add more, it’s easy to build your collection and find other accessories to match your new style.

Incorporating a unique trend like patina in your home may feel difficult at first, but that’s what expert decorators are here for. The design professionals at Decorating Den know all about upcoming decor trends and how to incorporate them into your home. Free consultations are available over the phone or in person to discuss your design style and expectations.

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