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Tips for decorating your bathroom


Because they are small and usually not immediately visible to guests, it can be easy to overlook bathrooms when it comes to decorating. However, they are just as important as any other space in the house, and come with their own design challenges. Here is how you can decorate a bathroom that is both functional and stylish:

Look for higher-end pieces
One of the bonuses of decorating a smaller space is that you need fewer furnishings to fill it up. As just such an area, the bathroom represents an excellent opportunity to splurge on higher-end pieces, such as a nicer copper vessel sink. You can get the look you want throughout the entire room without it eating too deeply into your budget. It’s a subtle way to wow guests and make your own experience in your home a little bit better.

Embrace the slide
Instead of traditional doors, which might eat into the limited space you have available, look for pocket, sliding or barn doors for your bathroom. They don’t open as widely, and thus leave you with more area to work with for your other decorations.

Add a pop of color to liven up neutrals. Add a pop of color to liven up neutrals.

Install some storage
Storage is nice to have in any bathroom, but it’s vital in those that are used to get ready in the morning. Between towels, toothbrushes and toiletries, it’s only too easy for the room to get messy, particularly if multiple people are using it. Having a place for everything ensures that the chaos stays under control, and can make sleepy mornings run more smoothly and with less fumbling. To save space, look at creative storage solutions, such as vertical cabinets, vanity niches or stacked wicker baskets.

Work with white
As with other smaller areas, using white paint or furnishings can really make a bathroom look bigger and make the most out of the light that comes in. To break up the monotony, choose an accent color, such as a bright red or teal, and use it to supplement the rest of the neutrals. You get the space-expanding benefits of white paint while still creating some visual interest. Don’t forget that you can add hues to the ceiling as well, creating an extra element of color without closing off the rest of the area.

Add plenty of lighting
Especially if the bathroom has no window or a small once, it’s important to add a variety of lighting elements. Not only does it help open up an otherwise smaller space, it adds to the functionality of the room as well. When making sure your look for the day is perfectly on point, it helps to be able to see everything clearly.

Don’t be afraid to get creative
There’s no rule that says that your bathroom has to look exactly like every other one you’ve seen. In fact, with a touch of creativity, you can transform the oft-forgotten room into a veritable show-stopper. For example, try a flat sink instead of a traditional one, for a modern and sleek feel. Or, play around with the shapes of your fixtures, such as buying a square toilet – it’s an easy way to add some excitement into your home decor.

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