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Tips for making the home office as efficient as possible

Whether you work from home daily or every so often, or just have a space to catch up on work when you get back to your own place, a home office makes it so simple to let the creative juices flow and get down to work. Having a place in your house solely dedicated to working frees you from distractions that can make it difficult to concentrate, and it gives you another space to decorate and have some fun. There are, however, certain tricks to designing a home office; when there's too much going on, it can start to feel cluttered and less like a workspace.

Want to make your home office as efficient as possible? Consider the following tips:

Set yourself up for success
Without going into your existing home office, close your eyes and think about the ideal workspace. What furniture set up makes you most comfortable? What kind of decorations are inspiring and don't come with distraction? These are great ideas to think through that will set you up for success in the home office.

Utilize multipurpose furniture
When it comes to furniture in the home office, you know a desk and comfortable, ergonomic chair takes top priority. But don't take a seat when it comes to the other furniture you plan on placing here. Whether you plan on using bookshelves, vertical shelving, side tables or ottomans in the home office, keep storage in mind. Multipurpose furniture makes for total efficiency in the home office and provides comfort and style as well. Interior designer Kimberly Paulus suggested keeping storage at front of mind when picking furniture for the home office.

"Pick storage furniture in the office!" Paulus shared. "Be thoughtful regarding how much you will require and design around that. Otherwise, you'll end up working in clutter more often than not."

Create a home office that will inspire you.Create a home office that will inspire you.

Make organization a top priority
The home office should be the space your mind can run wild. Where there's nothing nearby to distract you from the hard work and creativity you're about to put forward. When there's clutter all over the desk, books scrambled all over the side table and toys and trinkets from the playroom all over the floor, you may find it more difficult to get in the right mindset. When organization is a major priority, your mind will feel less cluttered as well. One tip Paulus suggested includes designating drawers to certain papers so you don't have to worry about the stack that tends to grow when you least expect it.

"Reserve a drawer for paperwork as opposed to leaving it in piles on top of the desk," she said. "This way, the mess can go away (at least visibly) at the end of the workday."

Take a look at your home office. When was the last time you went through the clutter and reorganized the space? If your office is feeling less inspirational than usual, it's time to consider a redesign. A personal decorator from Decorating Den Interiors can come to your home for a free consultation to evaluate your living space and discuss your options. During the meet, you can share some your ideas so the designer can create a concept for the room you want to achieve. From there, the design consultant will provide expert feedback and help you achieve your home office goals in no time.

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