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Tips for organizing your home after the holidays


It’s hard to believe that Christmas and New Year’s have come and gone, until you glance over to your living room and realize your space looks a tornado just touched down on a winter wonderland. Now’s the perfect time to get everything back in order and start the new year off on the fresh, clean slate that everyone deserves. It’s going to take some time, effort and dedication to achieve, but with the following suggestions, you can make it happen.

Plus, making these adjustments now can set you up for future success after the holidays blow over next year! Here are a few tips for organizing your home in January:

1. Make it a step-by-step project

Santa isn’t the only one making a list and checking it twice. To get your home in order, turn it into a step-by-step project. There’s no sense in diving into the middle of a mess. Instead, break down each task and check things off as you complete them. This makes keeping track of everything and delegating tasks to your family members much easier.

2. Keep your decoration collection to a manageable number

Sure, you have a variety of classic ornaments and decorations that your parents passed down from earlier generations, but how much is too much? A variety of old and new makes a vibrant touch throughout your home, but it can overwhelm the atmosphere and make cleaning up more difficult than it needs to be. This year, go through all of your decorations and divide them between a “Yes” and “No” pile. Ask questions like Did I like how this looked this year? Do I love this piece of decor? Does this have any sentimental meaning to me? How difficult is it to put this piece of decor away? All of these questions can help you determine what stays and goes during the decluttering process.

Be willing to part with some of your Christmas decorations.Be willing to part with some of your Christmas decorations.

3. Recycle holiday wrapping paper and boxes

A stack of saved holiday wrapping paper and boxes can come in handy next year, but only if you have a nice place to store them until December. If you don’t, take these materials right to recycling. You might even find a craft store that’s willing to accept wrapping paper and boxes off of your hands as a donation.

4. Invest in a new storage system

Once you’ve made an effort to get rid of old decorations and remove bows, ribbons and wrapping paper from the living room, you need to decide where you’ll store what’s left. Perhaps you have an empty area in your spare room that would make the perfect home for a custom storage system or shelving unit. That way, you’ll never have to guess which boxes hold all of the Christmas decor and New Year’s Eve treasures – instead, you’ll rest assured each year knowing everything is organized seamlessly for your retrieval during the following holiday season.

If you’re interested in learning more about custom shelving units, contact a personal decorator from Decorating Den Interiors. He or she will come to your home, evaluate your space and determine what kind of storage you need based on your allotted room and Christmas decorations. He or she will bounce off your ideas to provide suggestions that turn your storage space into a perfectly crafted holiday haven.

Don’t let the Christmas decorations sit in the corner of your living room a day longer. Call a Decorating Den Interiors design consultant today!

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