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Tips for transitioning out of holiday decor


The holidays are an exciting time filled with brightly-colored decor options and themes — but that can’t last year-round. As the holiday season winds down, your favorite decor standouts quickly go out-of-season, which can make your living areas look neglected rather than festive. So how can you transition out of these past-due holiday pieces? The answer is to stick with decor that can be transformed easily into your long-term interior style.

Just because the holidays are over, doesn’t mean the fun is, too! To ensure you keep your living spaces updated and stylish, without losing the merriment of the past holiday season, consider our below tips:

1. Remove any holiday-specific decor

Your first step toward seasonally-appropriate decor is to clean your slate. For a fresh start, you’ll need to remove obvious holiday pieces — think red and green lights and Christmas trees. This will help you figure out what you’ll be working with as you jazz up your space for winter.

2. Play with fun and cozy textural pieces

The holidays are a time for family and friends to come and spend quality time together. However, just because the season is over doesn’t mean that you want to lose that warmth in your living areas. Play up the cozy atmosphere with fluffy blankets and textured throw pillows that can add comfort to your sectional or sofa. Additional textures you can incorporate include velvet and fur, which are both must-have hits.

3. Keep the color palette neutral

For year-round decorative pieces, you’ll want to aim for a neutral color palette that complements your home’s current furniture. Beige, cream, winter white and off-white are all popular shades that won’t clash with seasonal statement pieces or colors. For textiles, consider glass, metal or rustic wood that fit your personal style and won’t compete with existing furnishings.

By keeping your sofa's accessories neutral-toned, you can swap bright pieces in and out throughout the year.By keeping your sofa’s accessories neutral-toned, you can swap bright pieces in and out throughout the year.

4. Bring nature inside

Just because the holiday wreath is leaving your front door, doesn’t mean that you can’t keep other elements of nature within your home. Incorporate faux or real plants into your space, such as evergreen garlands on your mantel or staircase banisters. Adding pops of green into your home can help brighten your winter space — and it also works as a great transition piece to guide you from winter into spring.

Foliage can be a great pop of color to brighten and add nature to your space.Foliage can be a great pop of color to brighten and add nature to your space.

5. Add new lighting elements

Fun fact: Lights are not only useful year-round, but they’re also the perfect complement to any season’s decor. Pin up some string lights to your patio or bring them inside to create a magical atmosphere within your living room. You can also add lighting centerpieces for your tables and mantelpieces through unique candles or lanterns. If you have kids or are worried about fire hazards, you can opt for battery-operated candles which are built to mimic the warm, flickering effect of real candles.

6. Be true to your style

When it comes to decor and furnishings, your opinion is what matters most for your own home. If you lean toward cool tones throughout the year, then invest in pieces that carry those features and keep them through every season. Explore what you like and build from there.

7. Reach out to a personal decorator from Decorating Den Interiors

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After plans are approved by you, they will return to your space with decorative elements to complete the look.

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