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Tis the Season for Pumpkin Spice: Unveiling the Latest Fall Home Decor Trends

The air is turning crisp; fall-flavored goodies are back on the shelves of grocery stores and being served in your favorite restaurants. It can mean only one thing: Fall is here! Whether you live for this time of year or simply tolerate it, you have to admit it allows for some pretty beautiful home decor to be used.

Want to make your home feel extra cozy this season? We've got you covered. Put on your fuzzy socks, curl up under a throw blanket and let's discuss some gourd-geous (sorry, we just had to) fall decor ideas.

throw pillowsExchange your pastel pillows for burnt orange or navy ones.

Falling for Autumn Decor

Not all fall decoration options will fit your existing aesthetic, which means you need to find pieces that will match your style to a tee. Learn how you can make your house the perfect autumnal space without losing your existing aesthetic.

Here are some popular home designs and some decorating ideas to match:

Minimalist Fall Decor

The trick is to refrain from clutter while still transforming your home. Add dried flowers in reds and whites to sprinkle in a touch of fall color without going overboard. Swap out a few of your throw pillows for burnt orange or navy ones. Place candles and white pumpkins on side tables, bookshelves or any surfaces that could use a warm touch. Ultimately, you want to spruce up your space with modern fall decor that won't distract from the simplicity of your existing furniture and color palette.

Shabby Chic

If you like a more feminine touch to your home's design, your fall decor should be the same! Rather than the traditional yellows, oranges and reds, opt for pastel pinks and blues instead. Also, play with different patterns like floral- or nature-inspired prints on pumpkins, throw pillows and drapery, and use lots of lace and intricate details for a dainty spin on autumnal decorations. Use a mix of vintage and traditional decor, like a fall wreath with ribbons, to achieve the ultimate shabby chic look.

Mid-Century Modern

Stick with dark greens, golds and whites for this home design, and incorporate hints of retro decor and funky stand-out pieces among your more modern furnishings. Also, adding house plants and other natural elements can brighten up any room, making it feel more contemporary without losing its mid-century charm. Rather than put tons of red and yellow fall leaves or bright pops of orange from pumpkins, incorporate elements that will highlight the existing hues in your space, whether that be a taupe sofa, olive green kitchen cabinets or plum paintings.


If you love the tried-and-true look of your classic home, you probably adore slightly more formal decor with timeless touches that you can keep coming back to year after year. Traditional homes include lots of velvet and linen upholstery, beige color palettes and ornately detailed dark wood, all inspired by 18th and 19th century design. To transition your house to be cozier, play around with gold candlesticks, garlands of greenery, glass pumpkins, large vases of branches, bold wall decor and other stately decorations. Also, swap out light, linen throw blankets for thicker, knit ones to make the rooms homey.

seasonal decorChoose seasonal decor that matches your existing home design.

Incorporating Fall Home Decor Into Your Space

If your home's design wasn't listed above, that's okay! There are hundreds of various aesthetics your design preferences may fall under — or you may be partial to combining a few that work well together. No matter what house style you currently have, there is seasonal decor that will work beautifully in your space.

When it comes to celebrating the transition of summer into fall, you don't have to completely redecorate your home to make a statement. There are easy, subtle changes you can embrace that embody the switching of seasons. And these ideas don't just work for Halloween decor — they will stay in style from the second the temperature drops to when you decide to swap them out for your Christmas decor (whether that be after Thanksgiving or as soon as the trick-or-treat candy has run out).

Here are some fall home decor ideas to use as inspiration:

Warm Color Palettes

The colors of the season move from the brights of summer to the more subdued, warm tones of autumn. This season, try incorporating rose, burgundy, deep orange, creams and sage greens for a mature take on the classic fall look. These shades can be added subtly in every room throughout your house, from sage green kitchen and bathroom towels and mustard bedding to red knit throw blankets in your living room.

Nature-Inspired Elements

As the green leaves turn to bright reds, oranges and yellows and the next phase of nature becomes very prominent, use this transformation as inspiration. Utilize wood, leaves, greenery and other fall foliage to bring the outdoors in. Some good applications of branches and leaves are on top of your fireplace mantle, placed in vases on your kitchen counter, and placed as the bright showpiece in the center of your dining room table.

Textured Textiles

Fall is all about trading your light linens for heavier knit textiles. In clothing design, this means layers of sweaters, soft cotton long-sleeves and denim jackets. But fall interiors call for uses of wool, chenille, velvet, corduroy and suede in various styles and textures all around your home. Swap out your summer throw blankets and drapery for thicker, cozier options.

Non-Spooky Pumpkins

Pumpkins don't just have to be carved for Halloween decor. Take a less ghostly approach by adding them throughout your home, like in your entryway, gathered together by your fireplace, put in wicker baskets or used as a table centerpiece. If real pumpkins aren't your thing, don't sweat it. There are tons of faux variations that can fit your preferences and home style perfectly.

Tablescapes With Autumn Flair

When you think about fall, you probably think of eating around the table as a family — or you at least have some favorite meals you can't wait to eat again. During this season, the table becomes a place for conversation, board games and evenings spent with friends. Make it the focal point of your dining room by creating a display you won't want to take down at the start of winter.

Some fun fall elements to include are:

  • Gourds and pumpkins (either real or fake).
  • Garlands of greenery or fall leaves.
  • Candles.
  • Fall flowers.
  • Vintage glassware.
  • Woven baskets.
  • Fruits and veggies.
  • Acorns or pinecones.
  • Cutting boards.
  • Large bowls.
  • Wood slices.
  • Lanterns.
  • Books.

Mix and match various pieces along your table until you have a centerpiece you love. Just ensure you can see the people across the table from you, or this beautiful focal point will turn into a conversation stopper. 

Spice Up Your Home With Decorating Den Interiors

Don't let the fall season pass by without highlighting its beauty in your home. Celebrate the changes in nature and the exciting holiday season approaching by making a few small adjustments to your decor to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

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