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Top tips for getting your home’s gathering areas ready for your spring wedding celebration

Spring is one of the most popular times to get married, with almost 10 percent of the 2.3 million yearly weddings taking place in May. Whether you're hosting a bridal shower for a family member or friend, or you're getting married and need to transform your home into your dream wedding location, it's essential that you have the help of an interior designer as you decorate your gathering spaces for guests.

One of the great things about getting married in the spring is that the weather is pleasant and you can say "I do" in the midst of blooming flowers and emerging greenery. However, this means that you'll have to consider your indoor and outdoor living areas throughout the design process. A design professional from Decorating Den Interiors can assist you in preparing both your outdoor and indoor gathering spaces for the big day. Here are a few design ideas you may want to try with the help of your interior designer:

Regardless of whether you're hosting a large or small wedding celebration, you want your living room to exude a welcoming ambiance. This means creating a conversation-based layout. If your sofas and accent chairs were arranged to face your entertainment center, work with your personal decorator from Decorating Den Interiors to move your sofas, tables, chairs and decor around for a more inviting environment. You may want to update your sofas, chairs or coffee table as well. After all, if you've been considering giving your space a facelift, now is the time to do it. 

Decorating your living room with conversation in mind.Decorate your living room with conversation in mind.

Perhaps a sleek, tailored sectional sofa would work in the corner of your space. Complement it with a couple of stylish, yet casual, slipper chairs. Face your seating toward one another to encourage conversation and make mingling easy. Accents like upholstered ottomans are worth investing in as well, as they can function as coffee tables, extra seating or as side tables. Ask your personal decorator which furnishings would add the most functionality and style to your living room to really impress your guests. 

Don't forget about surface space – you'll need plenty as your guests will need it for their food and beverages. See if your personal decorator from Decorating Den Interiors would recommend a console table to decorate one of your room's empty walls. Or, maybe your gathering area could use nesting tables in between your sofa and accent chair which, when taken apart, can be moved around the room. 

"Decorate with a few spring flower arrangements."

When it comes to your decor, don't hesitate to bring the outdoors in. Decorate with a few spring flower arrangements. For example, you could create a vibrant pastel color theme with yellow, purple and pink tulips to celebrate the beauty of the season. Emphasize the spring sunshine during the day with an oversized mirror that will move the light throughout the space for an open feel. Once the sun sets, make sure you have enough artificial lighting for your guests. Overhead fixtures with a dimmer will help establish the exact mood you want to set as well.

Don't limit your outdoor furniture to a table and chairs. While these furnishings are important to a functional outdoor living space, think bigger: Just as you brought the outdoors inside, you can bring the indoors outside. Charming, cushioned chairs, side tables, ottomans and sofas turn an ordinary outdoor space into a cozy and welcoming oasis. These design features will complement your stylish dining table made from sleek wood that's designed to withstand weather-related wear and tear. Work with your Decorating Den interior decorator to find products that adhere to your preferred design style. 

Cushioned, dark wicker furniture will create a sophisticated outdoor space.Dark wicker furniture with cushions will create a comfortable and sophisticated outdoor space your guests will love.

As the spring weather offers comfortable temperatures even after the sun sets, you'll want to ensure you have proper lighting to illuminate your outdoor space. A chic table lamp may do the trick. See if your decorator has any suggestions. Perhaps elegant sconce lighting will work most effectively for your outdoor area. A fireplace may also add that sense of comfort that your space needs for entertaining. An ideal temporary decoration could include white string lights that you can weave through your surrounding gates and furniture. This would establish a quaint yet whimsical appearance.

If you want to go big and start from scratch with new outdoor furniture or completely change your space's design theme, your Decorating Den Interiors personal decorator will be able to create a customized design that reflects your ideal style, the functionality of your outdoor living area and your budget. Another unique and beneficial aspect of working with personal decorators is that you don't have to move an inch. They will come to you with their professional insight and bring your furniture and decor right to your home. Plus, our initial design consultation is always complimentary!