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Transform Your Home With Multifunctional Furniture for Small Spaces


Not everyone has an open-floor concept or enough living space to have big, bulky furniture fill their rooms. But, the homes that have small areas aren’t just out of luck. There are very practical pieces that work wonders in tight arrangements.

So, if you’ve been worried about making your setup meet your dreamy expectations, you’ve come to the right place! Let’s take a look at furniture for compact homes and learn how to save living space.

Multifunctional Furniture: Finding Pieces That Are Small but Mighty

Furnishing and decorating a small home may feel like a difficult strategy game: mind-boggling and a bit frustrating, but very rewarding when you figure it out. In spaces that are a bit cramped, you have less freedom to collect unique furniture that only serves one objective.

While you need to put a sofa, table and other essential items in your home, you might get to a point where filling every bit of floor space can feel like too much, ultimately cramping your cozy home’s look and feel. But, rather than looking at awkward spaces or tight areas as an impossible scenario, think of them as a chance to use creative problem-solving skills. Every home is full of opportunities, even those that may need a bit more elbow grease and imagination.

The main way to approach decorating a tiny home is through multipurpose furniture — pieces that can serve several purposes without taking up too much space. Here are some examples of dual-role furnishings that can inspire you to think big about smaller space:

Make the most of the space you have.

Under-Bed Storage Bins

The space under your bed doesn’t have to solely be a settling place for dust bunnies and lost socks. If you have a bed that’s high enough off the ground, you can use the under-bed space to your advantage. Get sliding storage bins that can double as a drawer in a bedside table, giving extra sheets, books or any other items a home. Get high-quality bins or crates that match the aesthetic of your bedding or headboard to keep a consistent look throughout.

Foldable Table

No one should have to eat on the floor or use only a counter as their main eating area. For tight spaces, use a dining table that easily unfolds into a larger surface area and then retracts into a smaller side table when you’re done using it. Now, you have both a coffee table for early morning lounging, a spot to put your drinks and snacks when watching TV and a place for friends and family to gather and break bread. This type of furniture works wonders because it has multiple uses and can easily fit into any space.

Convertible Chair or Sofa

If you don’t have an extra bedroom but want to have guests over, utilize a chair or sofa bed that can expand into a sleeper. You’ve most likely slept on one of these in your time, and it may not have provided the best night sleep. But, finding both a stylish and comfortable option is completely doable if you put in the effort.

This chair serves double duty.

Bookshelf Turned Desk

Do you work from home or need space to get tasks accomplished? Well, small homes rarely have a designated office that you can claim as yours. Instead, get a bookshelf that can lengthen one shelf into a desk. This allows you to easily capitalize on the extra surface area when you need it, but still use it as a shelf when you don’t. Not only will the other shelves be a great extra storage space for books, trinkets and other items you want to display, but it’ll also be a specific workplace that’s functional and flexible.

Built-In Stair Shelving

Before you think about the cramped bedroom that Harry Potter inhabited under the stairs, take a moment to consider what an amazing space-saving opportunity that empty area could be. This is extremely popular with loft-style apartments, but any house with a staircase — big or small — can be used. Utilize hidden storage drawers or shelving for big kitchen equipment, extra bedding or even display your favorite colorful books for a more decorative look.

Side Table With Lamp Attachment

We’ve already talked about the importance of having a side table in your home, but what about a lamp? Whether you have a central light fixture or rely completely on other light sources, a lamp is a great addition to your home. The only problem is, they can be difficult to cram into already full arrangements — especially if you’re using a floor lamp with a larger shade. The solution to this problem is to get a furniture piece that combines a side table and lamp, so you can get both without taking up extra space.

Windowsill Seating

Most houses have plenty of windows. While this home element is beautiful on its own, it can also serve an additional purpose outside of providing natural light to your rooms. If you have an open space in front of your window, add a wider board to your window sill to serve as a breakfast nook or additional eating area. Not only will you get to see what’s going on outside, but you’ll take advantage of a previously unused space. Rather than use it as a table, you could also make it into a shelf for cookbooks if it’s in your kitchen, or use it for storage bins for toys in your living room or kids’ rooms.

Windowsill seating is cozy and intimate.

Space-Saving Tips

Even with the most functional furniture in your home, it’s still important to leverage your space as best as you can. Here are some ways to maximize every area of your house:

Storage Bins

A clean house always looks more spacious than a messy one. But, it’s harder to accomplish a tidy home without the proper place to put small items and objects with no designated home. Use lots of extra storage bins to make certain your home is organized and uncluttered. This can make the space more functional and appear larger. Rather than choose cheap, flimsy storage bins, pick some that are stylish and match your existing furniture’s color scheme and design.

stackable tablesUse small, stackable furniture to save space in your room.

Small Furniture

The most practical furniture gets the job done without being large and obtrusive. Because you don’t have a lot of extra room to work with, use thin, stackable furniture to take up less space and ensure the room still looks large. Another great option is to use clear, sturdy plastic or glass pieces that don’t visually fill the area but still offer the necessary surface and storage space to put things on and in.


It may seem like an obvious item to have in your furniture arsenal, but having a mirror in your room is extremely advantageous. Not only will this make it easier for you to check your hair before leaving the house, but it also helps your home appear more spacious by taking advantage of natural light and the reflection caused by the mirror’s surface. Either choose a large mirror that can be propped against one wall, or pick several smaller mirrors to scatter and hang around the whole space.

Exposed Furniture Legs

Whether you have large furniture or opt for the smaller, more sleek pieces mentioned above, choose ones that have exposed legs. By not having bulky legs, it creates the illusion of a more open room. On top of this useful design trick, you can also use the extra space for more stylish storage options.


Wall space is your best friend in a small home. Whether it’s shelving units, lights or plants, your walls are valuable surface area that can be used to store things and decorate with. The problem is, there can be too much of a good thing when it comes to your walls. Don’t go overboard by putting too much up in one area.

It’s Okay To Ask for Help

You may look at your home full of small spaces and find nothing but difficult design work as far as the eye can see. But, we know every home can be a dream come true, no matter the size.

Our personal decorators are happy to assist if you’re having trouble optimizing your home with multipurpose furniture and decor. Contact us today to transform your small space into a functional and captivating resort.

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