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Transforming a child’s room into a teen’s room

Watching your children grow is one of the many pleasures of being a parent. From the moment your child transitions from crawling to walking, and babbling to talking, your heart gets bigger and becomes fonder of the precious moments. Then, with the blink of an eye, your child goes from riding her bike down the street to taking her driver's license test. The transition seems to come out of nowhere, but it opens up the opportunity to let your teen's personality shine through in their music taste, clothing style and even bedroom design.

Are you in the process of transforming your child's bedroom into a teen's sanctuary? Here are a few designer tips and tricks to get the job done: 

Make your teen a part of the process
You might have dozens of ideas for the new look and feel for the room, but that doesn't mean it's going to align with what your teenager likes. Make sure to make him or her a part of the redesign process. Get an idea of what colors he or she is interested in or if there should be a theme. Here, you can also brainstorm furniture options and arrangements, as well as accessories and small details to bring the room together.

From toddler toys and stuffed animals to learning trinkets and books galore, there's no telling what kind of outdated objects exist in this room. Take some time to go through the clutter, donate items and reorganize everything else that stays. This is the perfect time to consider new storage systems if there are no current options in place. Sports equipment, instruments, school supplies, makeup and other teenage objects will need a place to call home after the transformation.  

Choose colors that are more modern and mature.Choose colors that are more modern and mature.

Invest in new furniture
Beyond updated storage systems, it's time to invest in new furniture as well. Your teen could probably use a larger bed, or maybe a new desk for homework and college prep. If you want to create a living space that promotes relaxation, consider a chaise lounge with fuzzy blankets and throw pillows to make up a cozy book nook.

Add a fresh coat of paint
One of the easiest ways to transform a room is with a fresh coat of paint. Since toddlers and young kids tend to gravitate toward bright colors and animal themes, this is an opportunity for you and your teen to scale back and find something that's more modern and mature.

Choose a long-lasting theme
Whether your teen plans on going away to college or hanging out at your house for an extended period of time, you want to create a living space that lasts throughout the teen years. Pick a trendy style but one that won't seem outdated by your teen's next birthday. You can always change things up with the accessories if something needs a little oomph over the next few years.

If you and your teen seem to have your hands full during the transformation process – or you're butting heads and need another opinion – now's a great time to consider assistance from a Decorating Den Interiors personal decorator. He or she will come to your home for a free consultation to evaluate your living space and discuss your ideas. Be sure your teen is present for the consultation; this is the perfect time for the design consultant to get an idea of your teen's personality and make style decisions based on what he or she is into.

Ready to take on the transformation? Call a personal decorator from Decorating Den Interiors today.

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