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Trend Watch: 5 Interior Design Trends for Summer 2018


Now that you’ve had a chance to recover from the harsh winter and get ready for two seasons of fun in the sun, consider these five upcoming interior decor trends:

1. Bright colors

Summer provides a chance to go out into nature and experience firsthand the vibrant pigments of nature, from the blooming flowers to the songbirds in flight. This season, many homeowners are bringing that natural luster indoors with bright colors.

Psychologically, bright colors have the power to brighten your days in more ways than one. According to the VeryWell blog, cheerful hues of yellow can make occupants feel more energetic and happy. But you have to be careful when using yellow to decorate your home because it can easily become the main focal point of the room. Surrounding a bright yellow with more subdued tones can make the room feel more energetic without becoming too fatiguing on the eyes.

2. Chrome fixtures

Kitchen and bath fixtures have gone through a number of trends in recent years. Homes with a modern theme have utilized painted and brushed metal to great effect, but that trend has begun to decline recently.

Decorating expert Jacquelyn Clark noted that brass fixtures are on their way out as homeowners revert to classic chrome fixtures. Shiny accessories, when paired with muted grays and off-whites, can create a look of cleanliness and efficiency. When you use chrome fixtures, pay close attention to shape. A tall, elegant faucet in chrome adds more luxury to a room, compared to a stubby stainless steel spout.

Purple is a trending accent color.Purple is a trending accent color.

3. Cosmos inspiration

The color experts at Pantone named Ultra Violet (18-3838) as their color of the year. According to that organization, Ultra Violet is a complex, enigmatic purple that calls to mind the excitement and mystery of deep space.

“We are living in a time that requires inventiveness and imagination. It is this kind of creative inspiration that is indigenous to Pantone 18-3838 Ultra Violet, a blue-based purple that takes our awareness and potential to a higher level,” said Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute.

Ivy magazine reported many interior designers have used Ultra Violet to great effect as an accent for rooms that feature crisp blues and airy Earth tones. Likewise, the color can be a great wall color for rooms with gray and taupe furniture pieces.

4. Mixed textures

Utilizing several kinds of texture in a single room is an excellent way to add depth of character. A room that features all smooth textures can feel modern, yes, but also risks looking too much like a sterilized space station. Adding rough and soft textures strategically can make the room feel more comfortable.

A simple way to increase the number of textures in your rooms is to combine canvas wall hangings with tiled walls. The hanging pieces break up the monotonous pattern of the wall without seeming too intrusive. Another option is to add a light rug to a room with wood or laminate floorboards.

5. Floral designs

You could say that floral patterns are a perennial summer trend. When the real flowers are blooming outdoors, it evokes an all but irresistible urge to bring some of that natural beauty indoors. Flower patterns are also highly modifiable – they can be used to accent solid colors or used liberally to cover a wall or large furniture piece.

Consider looking for floral patterns that resemble the natural flora outside your home. Doing so will create a natural visual progression as visitors approach your home and enter into a space that feels as natural as its surroundings.

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