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Try one of these paint colors in the bedroom this winter

Oftentimes, when winter rolls around, you may find yourself sitting around looking for something to do. Without an option to go outside and enjoy the sunshine, the snowy season offers the perfect opportunity to redesign a room or take care of that home project you've been putting off for years. Specifically, now's a great time to consider a new bedroom color. With more opportunity to take care of tasks indoors, painting your bedroom walls can use up some of the free time and help you achieve a totally new look and feel in your intimate living space.

Interested in changing things up this winter? Here are a few paint colors to consider in the bedroom this time of year:

Bedrooms are meant to be a place to feel cozy and refreshed after a good night's rest. With soft, light colors, you can achieve this with ease, according to designer Rachael Sheridan.

"I like bedrooms to feel rejuvenating and natural, so I typically opt for soft, cool, and organic colors," she shared. "They're often light and airy, like Sea Salt or Anew Gray."

Light gray colors with blue or purple undertones are great for the bedroom because, as Smashing magazine stated, these shades evoke calming and relaxing feelings.

While lighter, airy colors can be very refreshing, darker, moodier tones help you wind down after a long day. That's why Sheridan recommended shades like Peppercorn or Sea Serpent, which are a deep charcoal and navy blue. Both colors are perfect for someone who likes to consider the bedroom an intimate oasis that's great for getting cozy and falling into a deep slumber.

Charcoal brings a cozy vibe to the bedroom.Charcoal brings a cozy vibe to the bedroom.

Deep jewel tones
For those who want to take on a darker option while remaining involved in the holiday spirit, The Spruce recommended opting for deep jewel tones which "do the best job of chasing away gloom during the dark days of winter." The article recommended incorporating plaid throughout the room, but when it comes to walls, deep jewel tones that work great include sapphire blue, ruby red, amethyst purple, citrine yellow or emerald green.

"Save the bold, fearless colors for accents throughout the room instead."

Quick tip: Leave bold shades for accents, not the walls
If you want to make a big change in the bedroom but you're unsure about how adventurous you should get, Sheridan recommended reserving the bold, fearless colors for accents throughout the room instead.

"Try to stay away from highly saturated or undeniably bold shades as the wall color in the bedroom, and leave these for the accents or in other spaces of the home," she said.

The brighter and more vivid the color, the more it wakes you up and invigorates you, so it's counterintuitive for your bedroom."

No matter how you intend to redesign your bedroom, you may still feel intimidated by committing to the task. If you need help making the right decision before you get started, get in contact with a personal decorator from Decorating Den Interiors. He or she will come to your home for a free consultation to evaluate your living space, discuss your ideas and analyze your personal style to make suggestions. From there, you can talk about the colors you like, don't like and what your personal decorator has in mind.

Are you ready to kick your winter project into gear? Call a design consultant from Decorating Interiors today to get the ball rolling.

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