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Understanding harvest decor


This time of year often sparks a desire to get cozy. From wearing oversized sweaters and chunky scarves to drinking hot chocolate and hanging out by the bonfire, the options are endless. The same rings true in regard to home design: Now is a great time to consider harvest decor.

This design scheme is made up of accents that spark autumn notions, using details such as leaves, pumpkins, gourds, warm tones, and sheaves of wheat. Filling your home with colors that fully embrace the season can help your guests feel just as cozy as they did while walking over the fallen foliage in the front yard.

If you’re interested in incorporating harvest decor but you’re not sure where to get started, you’ve come to the right place. Below, we’ve discussed the difference between harvest and rustic, and highlighted some design and decor suggestions from one of our design consultants, Rachael Sheridan.

Harvest and rustic: What’s the difference?
The main difference between rustic and harvest decor: The timing. Rustic may be considered as a theme in your home year-round, while harvest makes most sense during the latter half of the year when fall arrives and the colder temperatures begin to settle in.

Decorate with gourds throughout your living space.Decorate with gourds throughout your living space.

“Rustic is a characteristic of worn, distressed, and organic finishes that have a natural appeal, like reclaimed wood, aged bricks, roughhewn rocks, and dried flowers,” said Sheridan. “As such, these décor items work year-round and do not lean to any one season.”

Harvest decor pays closer attention to the natural details that make fall such a loveable season. From leaves, pumpkins and gourds to warm tones, this theme allows you to turn your home into a gorgeous Thanksgiving retreat, just in time for the holidays.

Achieving harvest decor
If you’re a lover of all things fall and want to turn your home into a cozy haven for family members and guests to enjoy, the following design and decor tips can help you achieve the look:

Color scheme: If you have a neutral color scheme to start, you can easily incorporate classic harvest colors into the decor. Sheridan recommended traditional colors like red, mustard and orange, but also mentioned other refreshing shades that often go unnoticed. Soft sage, blush, ivory and rich plums are beautiful fall colors as well.

Accessories: Pumpkins, gourds and leaves are some of the most commonly sought out seasonal accessories, and with good reason. They’re so versatile and have the ability to transform a space from one season to the next effortlessly. If you want to go for a subtle touch, we recommend using fall foliage and gourds as accents in areas that the eye doesn’t always look for decor, such as a bookshelf or above the cupboards. You can also easily exchange table runners, napkins, small seasonal area rugs and other accessories like throw pillows to complete the fall look.

As noted previously, harvest decor is a timeless trend that can last in your home throughout the season of fall and beyond. If you want to set the tone for Thanksgiving and the upcoming holiday season, it’s time to connect with a personal decorator from Decorating Den Interiors. He or she will come to your home for a free consultation to evaluate your living space and discuss your options. From there, you can decide which pieces of decor, color schemes and other design themes work best with your living space and coincide with your personality and vibe you want to achieve.

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