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Up Your Game With Sprinkles of Color: Fun Accessory Ideas


There’s no denying the impact that neutrals have on home design and decor. According to the Shopping for the Home Report by YPulse, 34% of Gen Z and millennials describe their ideal home decorating aesthetic as modern, using neutral and natural materials and staying away from unnecessary clutter and over exaggerated detailing.

While leaning on the neutral side can come with aesthetically pleasing benefits, adding pops of color throughout your living space keeps it alive. The contrast of bright hues against achromatic furniture and architectural accents can make your house more comfortable and inviting, making it easier to invite guests over and encourage them to feel more at home.

Interested in sprinkling color into your home design and decor? Here are a few simple yet impactful suggestions to consider:

1. Invest in colorful throw pillows
Throw pillows offer a simple and seamless way to add more personality to any living space, whether it’s the family room sofa or the bed in the guest room.

2. Create a wall of accent art
One of the easiest ways to add color to a room? Invest in one — or more — unique piece of artwork. Take it to the next level and turn this wall into an art gallery, full of your favorite vibrant works of art. This is a great way to bring life to your space and start conversations when guests arrive.

An accent wall can bring a room to life. An accent wall can bring a room to life.

3. Go above and beyond with your trim
Painting an accent wall is an obvious option when it comes to making a room more colorful. If you’re looking for a more unique opportunity that involves paint, spruce up your trim instead. Choose a bold hue that complements the room color to create a space that turns heads.

4. Consider a piece of bold accent furniture
In most cases, furniture takes center stage when it comes to figuring out how to design or decorate a room. Instead of choosing a collection of neutral furniture to decorate around, choose one unique piece that pops. A vibrant lounge chair can add ample personality to a room and turn heads when your guests come over to visit.

5. Add plants and flowers to the space
Flowers and greenery are more popular than ever, gaining more attention at the start of 2020 when people spend most of their days inside their own homes. These plants offer a simple way to add pops of color to your home, and can look great with nearly any design scheme.

6. Bring a room together with a bright area rug
Area rugs have a way of bringing a room together. If you feel like the room is missing something, and it involves more than just more color, consider adding a large area rug to the room! Choose a bright hue and pattern that pops, but still adds comfort to the living space.

An area rug can bring the entire room together.An area rug can bring the entire room together.

7. Call a personal decorator for assistance
Bringing neutrals and bold colors together can be a difficult task, especially if you don’t have a lot of experience with design and decor. Instead of taking on the project by yourself, get in contact with a design consultant from Decorating Den Interiors!

One of our personal decorators will come to your home for a complimentary consultation to decide how to incorporate pops of color into your home design. After an evaluation of the space, discussion of your wants and needs and a closer look into your personal style preferences, your decorator will provide suggestions for sprucing up your living space.

No matter how you want to revamp your home, we can help. Call Decorating Den Interiors today to get started.

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