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Using natural products and textures in your home


Summer is the best time to switch up your decor. This doesn’t mean simply switching out your accessories and adding pops of color to complement the season, you can also bring new products and textures into the mix to liven up your home.

While colors, accessories and furniture all add to the style and feel of a space, without interesting textures, the room may still feel a little flat. Natural textures are aesthetically pleasing and make your home unique, here is how you can incorporate them throughout your space.

Trendy textures of 2020

When you think of natural textures, things like wood and wicker typically come to mind. These materials are more than just visually appealing, they are also unique to the touch which is why they are defined as textures, according to House Beautiful. These are only a few of the unique finishes that can easily be incorporated into your home decor, here are a few more:

Stone: Hard and cool or warm and inviting, natural stone comes in a variety of colors and textures that make it suitable for more than just your fireplace. Consider a sleek natural stone table as the centerpiece of your living room or used as accessories in the bedroom.

Distressed wood: Unlike finished wood, distressed wood has a more rustic or farmhouse feel. It’s best suited for furniture like tables or shelving because it is so durable. Reclaimed wood can also be used – it’s imperfections are what make it visually appealing and one-of-a-kind.

Clay: The warm and earthy hues of clay aren’t the only beautiful thing about this natural product. When used in accessories like vases, dishware and artwork, clay can be molded to be smooth or textured depending on your preferences.

Marble: Smooth marble is typically associated with kitchen countertops, but this natural product can also be used around the home in other furniture and accessories. From marble tables to statues, desk accessories and vases, the polished, level surface of marble is a clean and soothing addition to any room.

Greenery: Plants are often overlooked in the decor process, but well-placed greenery can breathe life into any room. From bamboo and spider plants to palms and ivy, accessorizing with vegetation brings personality into your design.

Wool: Both a tactile and visual texture, wool is a cozy and inviting product to use in your home. It’s best suited for interior use accessories such as throw pillows, blankets, rugs and even wall art.

Distressed wood adds a more rustic or farmhouse feel.

Indoor vs outdoor placement

As you can see, many natural textures can be used for both furniture and accessories. Stone, wicker and clay are products that can stand up the elements, so they can also be incorporated into your exterior decor as well. Clay, especially, can make for a beautiful outdoor fireplace or flower pots. Textures like wool, however, are better for interior use.

Using natural textures in your home is all about finding the balance between them and other decor. The personal decorators at Decorating Den Interiors know which textures work best and if they should be used for interior or exterior use.

Depending on your comfort level, our design professionals are available for an in-person free consultation, however, they can also be reached over the phone to discuss your desires if that’s better for you. Our experts are excited to hear about your ideas, personal style and what you want your space to look like so they can help you find the best furniture and accessories to match.

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