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Welcome spring with open arms using greenery throughout the house

As spring finally makes its way into our lives, now's a great time to bask in the glory of sunshine, fresh cut grass and gorgeous blooming flowers. But you shouldn't just have to enjoy the lush greenery on the outside of your house; spring is the perfect time to add fresh house plants to your current design scheme to liven up the space. Even if you don't necessarily have a green thumb, a few artificial plants can add the same bright and bustling feeling to a home as that real greenery.

Instead of placing a succulent on your desk and calling it a day, consider these tips for adding house plants to your space:

Decorate a lively bar cart
Bar carts are great statement pieces of furniture that offer versatility, style and function. Beyond jazzing up your beverage selection and bar accessories, consider creating your own indoor garden just like the one seen on the lifestyle blog Swoon Worthy. Use pots of different patterns and sizes and plant a variation of greenery to spruce up a corner in your kitchen or living room.

Hang bundles of eucalyptus
Dried eucalyptus can add a gorgeous subtle splash of color to any mantel, coat rack or bookshelf. Therefore, this plant can be added seamlessly throughout the house, whether you want to place it in your bedroom, down the hallway or even in the laundry room.

"Place large live leaves in glass vases for a sophisticated look."

Place stems and leaves on the mantel
Much like the eucalyptus, stems and leaves can make a soft, chic statement if you don't want to place pots of plants on shelves in your home. You can lay out a few fake bundles of long stems, or place large live leaves in glass vases for a sophisticated look. 

Create your own greenhouse
Looking for a statement piece to add to the entryway so your guests fall in love with your home the second they walk through the front door? Place a small glass case on top of an accent table and fill it with small succulents and flowers to create a cute indoor greenhouse.

Hang plants in the kitchen
If you happen to have a hanging pot rack in your kitchen, consider placing a few of the kitchen accessories to the side and hanging plants in their place. This is a subtle and simple way to mix up the decor in the kitchen while making it more lively and inviting. Just make sure to choose plants based on the amount of natural light that enters your kitchen so the plants can thrive.

Invest in floral artwork
If faux plants and fresh greens aren't quite your style, or you're looking for an easier way to spruce up your space, floral artwork can make a bold and beautiful statement. Arrange the wall pieces among other decorative hangings, or create a shrine to greenery by creating a walled garden dedicated to plants, leaves, trees and flowers. This is a great idea for the bare wall in the hallway you've been dying to decorate.

Decorating denFloral artwork can make a bold and lively statement.

Let these tips be your guidance for adding and maintaining greenery throughout your living space, but call a personal decorator from Decorating Den Interiors to get started. One of our professionals can come to your home for a free consultation to evaluate your current living space and provide suggestions based on what type of flowers, plants and other greenery you want to have throughout the rooms of your home.

Don't stress about adding too much or too little, just contact a design consultant from Decorating Den Interiors today!