This beautiful franchise is perfect for creative people (yes, men and couples too) with exceptional people skills. If you love design and find yourself drawn towards HGTV, viewing sites like HOUZZ and Googling – “how to start an interior design business”…this could be the franchise for you. We are seeking individuals who have “the eye” for design, color and balance; and desire a business that is set-up for them, so they can simply plug themselves into it while having full support!

Our Franchises

  • Are 98% women owned (although the men do quite well)
  • Allow flexibility for family and children
  • Include all the top manufacturers and suppliers needed
  • Feature training in the areas of design, sales, marketing and running a business
  • Feature support both locally and nationally
  • Are financially attainable
  • Include proven customer development through built in direct advertising and social media marketing

So what’s my advice? Listen to your inner voice that says, I can do this, and not the voice that says, I’m not good enough. You ARE good enough, you are talented enough and you owe it to yourself to share that talent with the world. I would not be who I am today without Decorating Den and their systems… to allow me to follow my dream of owning a Design business!

Suzan Wemlinger Milwaukee, WI

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