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A video conference with some 200 interior design business owners produced business encouragement, marketing ideas, and suggestions for continuing to do business in the time of social distancing to combat Covid-19.

“We are smarter together. We are stronger together,” was the main message conveyed by the organizer of this virtual pep rally. A motto of this business model is: “You are all in business for yourself, but not by yourself.”  That offers particularly strong encouragement for the uncharted course we are on during these days.

“Thank you for this conference call.  Makes me appreciate being a part of our system even more than normal.  So glad to have this network of support and great ideas,” wrote designer Lynne Lawson, Columbia, Md. after the call.

“So glad to have a “business family” to bounce ideas off of and talk with. I don’t feel alone by any means,” added Kristen Pawlak, of Louisville.

Interior design can be a lonely business. Most independent designers do not have colleagues they can brainstorm with, lament with, or gain a word of encouragement from.

Each of the interior design business that participated in this virtual support group are backed up by a staff of some 20 people who provide access to a network of internationally known home furnishings sources, personalized marketing resources, continuing education, business management expertise, and a host of other competitive-edge building tools.

“This is part of the power of our interior design franchise business model,” says James S. Bugg, Jr., president and CEO of Decorating Den Interiors, North America’s only full-service interior design and home furnishings franchise company.

“It all makes for unusual camaraderie, particularly valuable in challenging times,” he adds.

If you are an interior designer who would to have this benefit in your business, or if you would like to explore having your own interior design business, visit https://decoratingden.com/interior-design-business/

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