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In one five-day period, a group of nearly 200 interior design business owners and associates throughout the U.S. and Canada  had 4 opportunities to gather virtually to exchange ideas for keeping their businesses going:

  1. Specialized training modules covering virtual presentations and design
  2. Peer training and group idea share
  3. Exchange of peer camaraderie and support with suppliers and business
  4. Unique NEW marketing tools and techniques.

Their collective goal is to not just survive the Covid19-related challenges, but to thrive


It started with a system-wide video conference to give our interior design business owners updates related to safe business practices. They were also given news about new marketing materials available.

Virtual design presentations using video conferencing was the topic for the next video conference in which participants were shown a step-by-step example on how to set up a Zoom account and how to use it to present a design and furnishings proposal to a client.

Friday sent everyone into the weekend with “BOSS Happy Hour.”  No, not that kind of BOSS. It’s an acronym for our Back Office Support System. This is a proprietary resource developed just for our system of interior design business owners. It is technology that gives our interior design business owners a competitive edge in creating design proposals, building fabulous client experiences, managing financials and projects, , having a one-stop shop for marketing, and more.

The following Monday was one of our regular Marketing Monday conferences that is done every week focused on new and shared ideas and specific tools for growing a strong client base in their design business. However, this one started with our chief financial officer providing a wealth of information on how our interior design business owners can seek tax and financial resources available through new legislation passed by Congress.

The marketing part of the conference featured information about new personalized email campaigns available and statistics on the benefits of certain social media activity. “It’s important that we all keep ourselves in front of past clients and prospects,” they were reminded.

Offering interior design ideas and trends seminars has been a marketing staple of our business model for 50 years. With Social Distancing being practiced, virtual seminars have become the replacement. Several designers shared their experiences and tips for making them effective, as well as fun for the client.

In addition, these interior design professionals have regular meetings within their geographical areas. These, too have been taken to video conferencing.

“This all is part of the power of our interior design franchise business model,” says James S. Bugg, Jr., president and CEO of Decorating Den Interiors, North America’s only full-service interior design and home furnishings franchise company.

In addition to these virtual meetings, each of these interior design businesses is backed up by a staff of some 20 people who provide access to a network of internationally known home furnishings sources, personalized marketing resources, continuing education, business management expertise, and a host of other competitive-edge building tools.

“It all makes for ongoing and unprecedented camaraderie, particularly valuable in challenging times,” he adds. “It is collaboration like this that allows our independent business owners the opportunity to continue forward, even in challenging times!”

If you are an interior designer who would add these benefits to your business, or if you would like to explore having your own interior design business, visit https://decoratingden.com/interior-design-business/

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