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Being in business for yourself has many benefits. There are many perks besides the income, flexibility, tax benefits and being your own boss.  The work from home option, if that’s what you choose.  Just to name a few bennies!

The many problems that arise and the myriad of options to choose from when running a business bring to mind the immortal words of the Ghostbusters…  “Who Ya Gonna Call?”

For those in the interior design business, the “Who ya gonna call” questions might be like some of these:

“Who ya gonna call to get supplier accounts?

  • To get help with technology?”
  • To get help with a window treatment problem?”
  • To get help with business planning?”
  • For help in getting traction for my business?”
  • To learn the latest about online marketing?”
  • To find a mentor?”
  • To find someone who truly cares about helping you?”

Self-employed professionals naturally find that people in similar businesses in their area view them as competitors. Hence, it is often hard to get assistance from others who truly understand your business. That’s one reason why many find discussion groups on LinkedIn and other social media forums.

While exchanging notes can be helpful, wouldn’t it be better to say “I’m in business for myself, but not by myself.”  Wouldn’t it be nice to be part of an organization of people in the same business as you, who want to see you grow and achieve your goals?

Franchising is one way to accomplish that. The power of franchising comes from being part of an organization of people in the same business who want each other to succeed and help each other get there. This business model provides camaraderie that a business owner cannot get in any other way.  It provides a source for answers to all sorts of questions that confront the business owner. Franchising provides a means for solving problems and meeting challenges as a group. You are smarter together than as one individual.

Franchising is a very popular method of accelerating your ability to get into a business or rapidly expanding an existing business through proven methods of client development, pre-established supplier networks and built-in business management and training… with the benefit of having partners who know the advantages of a proven system with proven resources.

When you combine the power of franchising with something you are passionate about, you have a powerful business combination.

While your love for design is an important ingredient for having your own business, there are many other ingredients in the recipe for running a business. The knowledge you offer clients, establishing credibility, a customer management system and national marketing as well as social marketing guidance.

It takes more than design talent to build a design business. Four of the important building blocks are:

  • Ongoing Training—skill training, sales training, product training, and business management training.
  • Merchandising—having access to products at wholesale cost, promotional programs, and product support with no opening minimums.
  • Marketing—the benefit of an established brand, strategies and materials for your own local advertising and public relations for developing your client base.
  • Business Support—assistance with business planning, coaching, mentoring from seasoned decorators and designers, a customer relationship management (CRM) system, and other support through technology.

Yes, there is a franchise for a design business!

Decorating Den Interiors has been helping talented individuals live the dream of having their own interior decorating business for many years. Their franchise partners are in business for themselves but not by themselves. Its interior decorators are provided with total immersion training programs, opportunities to learn from industry professionals, and everything needed to have their own full-service interior decorating business. If you have the talent, Decorating Den Interiors has the tools to help you turn your passion into an independent and flexible career. These tools also can be leveraged by independent interior decorators and designers to grow their businesses to the next level.

For more information, visit https://decoratingden.com/interior-design-business/

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