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Do friends always turn to you for help when they’re redecorating a room? Have they even gone so far as to say you should get paid for offering your insight? Well, don’t laugh them off – you can.

You’re an independent person who has impeccable taste and an eye for design. You hate boring desk jobs, want a flexible schedule, love helping people and consider yourself a social butterfly. Furthermore, – and most importantly – you’re business savvy, smart and self-motivated. If this description sounds like you, you could very well have a future in interior decorating.

If you’re ready to see if you qualify, it’s time to seek the advice of the experts at Decorating Den Interiors to help turn your dream into a reality. It can be challenging to establish yourself in the interior decorating industry if you go in alone. However, if you have a go-getter attitude, passion and a franchise with Decorating Den Interiors, you’re instantly opening yourself up to a supportive network of expert trainers and suppliers.

Are you ready to explore starting your own interior design business? Read on:

Know the industry outlook
Before you begin, it’s important for you to know what’s happening within the industry so you can properly break into it. The interior decorating business is moving out of brick-and-mortar stores and into individualized home services.

“Become a piece of this $200 billion industry.”

In turn, it can be tricky for independent designers to develop relationships necessary to break into the industry and start a successful business. Decorators need the backing of a supportive team and the proper tools readily available to not just survive, but to thrive. Therefore, driven decorators who are able to build and retain a large network of clientele have the potential to become a piece of this $200 billion industry.

When you start your career with a franchise from Decorating Den Interiors, you’re positioned to succeed with their proven model featuring four pillars of how to own a successful interior design business: training, products and suppliers, marketing and advertising and business management.

Turning your passion into a career can seem like a daunting task – especially if you don’t know where to go for the adequate training. Even those who have received formal education may not have been trained on how to turn a classroom lecture into a real world business.

There are multiple types of training available to those who are interested in joining the industry. Online courses, design schools and formal degrees all compete for your attention. But they all have one thing in common: They only offer pieces of training – independent decorators receive a lot of theory about the practice but nothing practical.

A budding designer needs training that is highly usable in daily operations. You need answers to questions like: How do you get started? How do you build your business? And how do you operate it? Without this know-how, many desert the idea of owning their own dream business. But there is a solution!

From the moment you begin working with Decorating Den Interiors, you receive thorough education through comprehensive training programs. Everything is already in place – you don’t have to stress about starting from scratch because the proven structure is there for you, but it also gives you the flexibility to run it the way you want, allowing you to create your own flair.

Dedicated participants have found these courses to be incredibly rigorous, ultimately allowing decorators to get started much faster than on their own. You learn everything from the latest design techniques down to minute details of how to run the core of the business itself. But the support doesn’t stop there.

You’ll then have the immediate guidance of a mentor who will continue to support and advise you throughout your endeavor, as well as ongoing corporate trainings each year.

Learn how to decorate rooms like this one.Learn how to decorate rooms like this one.

Products and suppliers
Your relationship with suppliers and their products will set you apart from other independent decorators. You’re not just selling your ideas and services. Clients want a beautiful home, so it’s crucial to sell them on your products. At the end of the day, you’ll be able to beat out competitors by offering clients a wider range of customizable decor. Sounds great, but where do you find said product?

Independent decorators have to build their own infrastructure and are tasked with making supplier connections on their own. Many suppliers refuse to do business with independent decorators. But that’s a cumbersome and relatively ineffective process. Decorating Den Interiors supports its partners with 100 plus quality name-brand manufacturers and suppliers from a vast vendor network. This means wholesale prices for the furniture and designs your clients want so you can customize each customer experience. At Decorating Den Interiors, our suppliers have products that range from good, better to best to fill the needs of any client.

Marketing and advertising
Getting your name out there can be tricky business. On the client side of things, you have to be prepared to sell yourself at the drop of a hat. You truly never know when or where potential business is going to come from. You know what marketing and advertising is important, but the challenge remains – how do you do it? You know you need newspaper and website ads, but when and how do you update them?

“You’re supplied with personal advertising and marketing materials.”

Advertising and Client Development is a cinch with Decorating Den Interiors proven strategies. You’re supplied with personal advertising and marketing materials that put your name out there in a professional manner. But you have to do some of the leg-work yourself. Know that everyone you surround yourself with is a potential client or a lead to clients, so you have to sell yourself to them. This is, of course, made easier with Decorating Den Interior’s tools to help you create a professional portfolio, and expand as you grow.

On top of this advice, however, Decorating Den Interiors will supply you with turn-key systems proven to help you generate these new leads. You have access to both national and local advertising as well as the online marketing packages that will help you gain beneficial social media exposure.

Business management
What’s one of the biggest fears of anyone starting their own business? Knowing how to run it successfully, of course. Starting your own business always sounds great until you realize there’s lot more to it other than getting clients, designing rooms and getting paid. Not to fear – you’re never alone with Decorating Den Interior’s Customer Management Software and intranet chat room system.

Decorating Den Interiors has a full support network for its franchise partners. They offer online and personal coaching, as well as client management software so owners can pursue their dream business backed by seasoned experts. You’ll be armed with tools that include: resources to run targeted email campaigns, know-how of organizing client data, management techniques regarding promotions and customizing ads, as well as the oh-so important knowledge of reporting and analytics.

So there you have it. If you’re ready to start your dream career as an interior decorator, check with Decorating Den Interiors franchise team to see if you’re a match today.

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