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If you were living your dream of having your own interior decorating business, what would be the recent trends in the home fashion industry, you would be sharing with clients?


Well, it just so happens that our Decorating Den Interiors design professionals who each own their own business attended October’s International Home Furnishings Market in High Point, N.C. along with members of our merchandising department. After each market, our vice president of merchandising prepares PowerPoints, scripts and columns for our interior decorators to use for their own continuing education, decorating seminars and with their clients. We are happy to share a summary of the latest trends.


Colors, materials, and inspiration in trendy home furnishings

A cavalcade of color, metallic, acrylics, flashbacks, and nature were all prevalent at this fall’s market. Vibrant colors were all the rage. Bold shades of gold are back.

Many of these vibrant colors can dominate a room, so it is recommended to use them as accents to add that “pop” of color and give life and whimsy to a room. Color, it is said, is how we see the world.  Step out of your comfort zone just a little and let in some unexpected fun to your design.

On the neutral side, gray remains a wonderful, easy to incorporate option that consumers love. Gray can be very stylish and sophisticated.  It is a color that can be conservative on one hand while elegant and formal on the other. We saw gray being used in various shades ranging from cool gray to darker warmer shades and in a wide variety of elements.

Blues were prominent in many shades from dark indigo and sapphire to lighter tones such as ice blue and baby blue. Blues tend to reduce stress, create a sense of calmness, relaxation and order.


For drama, we saw black and white. Using black can add a focal point of color that grounds, anchors, and adds a sophisticated look to a room. Black and white in accessories, light fixtures, paint, or in one bold piece of furniture will help to catch the eye and sharpen any decorating scheme.


Metallic and acrylics

                Metals have always been the jewelry piece to any wardrobe as well as any room design. From polished nickel, brushed brass to rustic and distressed looks, the market had a metal for every taste and style.  We saw a strong focus towards gold, especially polished gold, in traditional settings as well as in contemporary design, even in gold finished leather.


In terms of materials, acrylics are popular in chairs, tables, lighting and accessories. They appeal to the young who may have less space or older consumers who are downsizing or just looking for new exciting products. Acrylic legs can give the illusion of opening up a space and giving it more room.  This material also is lighter that makes it easier to move around.


Flashbacks, nature and island influences

                The desire to flashback to mod silhouettes and styles of the mid-century is still going strong.

Nature is inspiring many designs in furniture, fabrics, lighting and accessories. Nature’s designs can best be described as Wabi-sabi, the Japanese tradition of looking at the beauty of something through its imperfections.


When struck with the desire to kick back and relax, nothing embodies that more than a warm sandy beach, of course.  Thus there is an increasing use of wicker and rattan inside the home, to at least make us feel like we’re islanders.

There’s so much more we could share, motion with rockers, swivels and recliners— powered-up, bar carts or serving carts that offer versatility; ottomans in many varieties; small tables—simple and sophisticated; so many new trends, so little time…

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