Designed By Kayla Anderson

"This nursery makeover fulfilled the couple's dream of a whimsical and youthful woodland theme, perfect for their first baby. A custom wall mural capturing the essence of the woods set the stage for the design, complemented by light green walls and a dreamy cloudy sky wallpaper on the ceiling. To address the challenge of incorporating a full-size bed for the nanny, a crib that grows with the baby was chosen, allowing functional space for both. Wood and wood-like elements, such as live edge shelves, branch wall sconces, and a branch bookcase, added the desired woodland character, while a large floral-patterned rug provided a soft and playful area for the baby to crawl on. Finally, 3D animal heads, pillows, and other whimsical décor pieces tied everything together, creating the perfect woodland nursery that truly captured the essence of the woods."