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5 tips for designing a game room your friends and family will love

Do you have a spare room or furnished basement that you want to transform into a unique and frequently used space? A game room would be ideal, as it would serve as a safe and fun gathering area where family and guests of all ages can relax and spend time together. While you may have decorated common living spaces before, such as the kitchen, dining room and bedroom, game rooms are unique and you may need a helping hand from a professional to assist you with the design process. Work with a personal decorator from Decorating Den Interiors to establish a theme, choose the right design elements, arrange your furnishings and stay within your budget. 

Here are a few tasks you'll need to tackle with the help of your decorator as you design your home's game room:

1. Decide how to use your space
Before you and your interior designer from Decorating Den Interiors begin thinking about the ideal furniture and accessories for your room, you have to have a clear vision of the layout you plan on arranging. Work with your professional designer to create a list of the products you hope to include in your space and determine from there which ones you'll have to go without based off of the square footage that's available. Remember that most standard game tables require at least 3 feet of open space around them and many need as much as 5 feet. Without this extra room, the area will feel confined and uncomfortable. Ask those who will be using the game room which games they enjoy most to narrow down your options.

If you want to a large portion of your game room to be a home theater, ensure you have ample space for cozy seating.If you want a large portion of your game room to be a home theater, ensure you have ample space for cozy seating.

It's also important to choose a layout that's effective for entertaining. For example, if your space is on the smaller side and you have limited seating, consider setting up one TV near your sofas and chairs and another by the game tables or bar so that everyone has a good view. Your Decorating Den Interiors design professional will help you choose a layout that works for your room's functionality and your design goals.

2. Set a theme
To make the furniture and decor selection process easier, decide on a theme. This will also create a fun and social vibe that goes hand in hand with the typical game room environment. Possible themes might include sports, western, 50s or cozy log cabin. Once you've decided on one, it will dictate what type of furnishings you need, whether this means contemporary, traditional or eclectic. Your Decorating Den Interiors personal designer will guide you through the furniture selection process and make recommendations based on what you envision for your game room.

3. Focus on comfort 
In addition to establishing a fun and playful environment, you'll also want to prioritize comfort. Think cushioned, upholstered sofas and accent chairs. Your personal decorator may suggest a sectional sofa for ample seating and a recliner for guests interested in sitting back with their feet up as they tune into the big game. If you're interested in setting up a home theater, your decorator from Decorating Den Interiors will have a selection of theater seating options available. These feature everything from plush comfort to cup holders to make your viewing experience one of a kind. A large and cozy area rug that complements your existing color scheme will add warmth and a splash of color to the space as well.

Stylish and cozy theater seating will enhance both the comfort and appearance of your home theater.

4. Create a space centered on safety and practicality
Lighting is key to a stylish and safe game room. Work with your decorator to ensure every game table is well light so players don't have to strain their eyes before every move. Rows of pendant lighting or an elegant chandelier might work above each table. For seating areas that are designed for watching TV and conversation, a table or floor lamp may be sufficient. Your Decorating Den Interiors professional decorator will assist you in finding lighting that adheres to your functionality needs and style preferences.

Install stylish chandeliers to illuminate your game tables.Install stylish overhead lighting to illuminate your game tables.

As you arrange your furnishings and accessories, ensure that you've left enough space for traffic flow. Ask your decorator to help you arrange your layout so that this isn't an issue. If you're expecting to host your family gatherings and parties in your game room, it may also be ideal to invest in furniture that doubles as seating. Look for ottomans and stools that can be used as coffee tables, nesting tables and spots for people to sit and join the conversation. 

5. Think outside the box
When it comes to selecting a theme and your design elements, don't hesitate to make the space unique and set it apart from the rest of your home. The advantage of working with interior designers from Decorating Den Interiors is that they can turn even the most abstract of ideas into a reality. For example, if you want to create a rock 'n roll theme, your designers can show you possible sofas, wallcoverings, chairs and decorations with this exact theme in mind so you don't have to spend hours shopping for design elements that not only exude your theme, but coordinate with one another. If you're unsure which look will work best for your game room, ask your Decorating Den Interiors decorator for suggestions during your complimentary consultation!

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