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Classic, Contemporary or Casual: Stylish Cabin Interior Design Ideas to Try


Classic, Contemporary or Casual: Stylish Cabin Interior Design Ideas to Try

When you think of a log cabin, you probably picture a crackling fire on the brick fireplace, wicker and wood furniture and antlers hung on the log walls. Although this design is beautiful and definitely popular, it isn’t the only log cabin interior design option available.

The wonderful thing about owning a cabin as a second property or as a rented Airbnb space is that you can decorate it any way you want, from the floors and wall colors to the decor and lighting. Essentially, this space is an extension of your beloved home. It can match your primary house’s design or stand-alone with its own unique style.

If you’re ready to find your personal log cabin style, you’ve come to the right place. Continue reading to learn the various types of cabin furniture, lighting and colors that can complete your mountain getaway destination.

Finding the right cabin interior style for you

There’s no shortage of design inspiration found around the world, and there are no limits to how you choose to incorporate those styles into your log home. Here are some types of cabin interior designs and cabin decor ideas that you can draw from when putting together your space:


Rustic log cabin interior design is the style that a lot of typical log homes will use. It’s defined by ruggedness and natural-looking elements like warm woods, stone, leaves and other organic elements. This style uses the great outdoors as its muse, meaning there aren’t any harsh straight, geometric lines or patterns. To create a rustic cabin, incorporate real wood furniture, textured wall hanging and animal hide throws. Some great colors to use for a rustic style include earth tones like brown, tan, mauve, burnt orange and olive green.


Mediterranean style emphasizes simplicity and chic designs as found in nature. It’s inspired by the decor found in countries that border the Mediterranean Sea like Greece, Spain and Portugal, all beautiful and relaxing destinations. To achieve this look, use natural stone walls, tile floors, wood beams and arched doorways. Maintain simplicity by choosing bamboo or unfinished wood furniture and flat-weave rugs, and keep the windows and nature outside as the focal point. Popular Mediterranean colors include terra-cotta, maroon, seafoam green and deep blue.

Modern farmhouse

The words “modern” and “farmhouse” may seem like they’re on opposite sides of the design spectrum, but modern farmhouse takes traditional country elements and gives them a contemporary spin. This popular design consists of a neutral color palette, exposed wood elements, industrial furniture and cozy throw blankets. To get the updated farmhouse look in your cabin, use unfinished pine wood, pendant lights and a vintage-style metal bed frame to start. Top it off by setting some simple striped pillows on your bed and sofa and you’ve got the modern cabin look.

Popular materials to use in Japandi design are rattan, wood, bamboo and greenery


Japandi log cabin interior design is a fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian styles. Popular materials that should be included when wishing to use this design type for your log house include rattan, wood, bamboo and lots of greenery. Unlike the rustic option, Japandi focuses on clean lines and very simple and uniform items and layouts. Colors to add to your rooms include cream, beige, tan, muted greens, blues, grays and pinks. For furniture, purchase pieces of light wood with black legs or accents, and avoid bright statement pieces.

These options just scratch the surface of possible interior design styles, but they would all go hand-in-hand with the beautiful wood that is already incorporated into your log home. Once you know what style you would like for your property, you can focus on bigger furniture design, fireplaces and flooring — important aspects to consider when decorating your home.

Fireplaces, flooring and furniture design

Depending on the type of cabin that you have and the interior design inspiration you’re using, you’ll need to make big decisions about some of your home’s staple pieces. You have various types of fireplaces at your disposal, but here’s a list of a few popular options for log cabins:


This historic-looking fireplace looks great with a traditional and glamorous design. Typically, this type of fireplace comes in sand-colored or cement-colored stone.

Earthen stone fireplaces work great for rustic-themed spaces.

Earthen stone

Instead of being clean-cut and precise, an earthen stone fireplace consists of rocks of all sizes and colors. It works great in a rustic-themed space and adds extra charm to an already-cozy room.


For a Mediterranean log cabin, a neutral-colored mosaic fireplace is a beautiful option to captivate your guests or introduce even more elegance to a beautiful space.


Another common log cabin fireplace includes one made of wood, a design that would pair nicely with any of the decor themes that you may be leaning toward.

Another important aspect of your log cabin is the flooring — a factor that can complete (or confuse) your log cabin’s interior design. Some beautiful floors include:

  • Laminate flooring.
  • Tile.
  • Hardwood.
  • Bamboo flooring.
  • Concrete.
  • Porcelain.
  • Plywood.

You can design with confidence after choosing a beautiful fireplace and flooring that’s consistent with your theme. But, you have one final design consideration: lighting.

Light it up: Choosing your cabin lighting

It’ll be difficult to truly enjoy your log cabin oasis if you don’t have proper lighting to illuminate the rest of your wonderful cabin decor. Here are some lighting styles that match every design style:


To match the rustic log cabin look and feel, try hanging an industrial or antler chandelier or any lighting fixtures that are built with wood, metal, wavy glass or twigs. These rugged lights will go well with the theme and complete the look.


Mediterranean-inspired lighting includes wrought iron chandeliers, bronze, hand-blown glass and delicate chains. You could also choose to include dark wood and bamboo for the lighting design, which would match the beachy atmosphere that the rest of the home creates.

Modern farmhouse

What goes best with vintage design made modern? A geometric chandelier, of course. Other light fixtures that could work include rectangular metal, gold, exposed light bulbs, metal sconces and dark-colored wood. The idea is to find lighting that looks like a mixture of old and new; just be sure to use simple colors and create a contrast of dark and light.


Japandi-styled lighting is the most unique of the mentioned designs because it includes more modern and uniquely shaped fixtures. Beautiful and appropriate lighting styles consist of paper lanterns, oval and circular shapes, woven bamboo and wooden wall lamps, among other simple yet elegant options.

Once you’ve illuminated your space, your cabin’s interior design is complete and ready for you to enjoy. Although it’s amazing to have a second property to enjoy as a vacation home or as a rental spot for guests, making design decisions and fully decorating a log cabin can be daunting. If you’re looking for some help with your layout and theme plan, Decorating Den Interiors is ready to assist.

How Decorating Den Interiors can help

Once you reach out to us, you’ll be assigned a personal decorator whom you’ll work with. This interior designer will visit your log cabin to better understand its layout and get an idea of what you’re hoping this space will look like once the designer is finished. With this information, your decorator will take time to come up with a theme design — including colors, lighting fixtures, furniture and decor — and draw out a plan to make that cabin become a reality.

We know this process can be stressful, which is why we take care of all the hard work for you! Your part in the design procedures will simply include dreaming and ideating with us and giving us your feedback along the way.

We’re excited to make your log cabin the best possible place for you and your family. Experience the Decorating Den Interiors difference by contacting us today.

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