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Your hallway may just seem like a functional space to guide you from one room to the next. While it does serve this purpose, that doesn’t mean it should be neglected. There are lots of styles and furniture you could incorporate into this seemingly small section of your home, but one of the most impactful design options to choose is a gallery wall.

Whether you have a ton of art that you’d like to incorporate into this hallway wall or have some sentimental wall hangings and smaller pieces that you’d like included, the blank wall in your walkway is the perfect place to hang them.

Need some inspiration for your hallway gallery wall? We’re covering that, as well as artwork and color options. Let’s get started!

gallery wallA gallery wall can showcase who you are, so choose pieces that reflect your personal style.

Hallway Gallery Wall Ideas

Don’t get hung up on the empty canvas in front of you. Instead, consider it the very beginning of a fun design project where you get to be the artist and put any piece where you’d like. There’s no wrong way to achieve a beautiful hallway, just ensure you keep a consistent theme throughout, whether that be color, picture type or frame style.

Ultimately, a gallery wall is meant to showcase who you are and highlight what you love to your guests and family members. If picking pieces for your wall seems a bit daunting, consider using one of the following hallway wall ideas:


Pick a color that you love and make it the focal point of the entire wall. But, rather than painting the actual wall, get different frames or pieces of art in one single hue. This gives the wall a dramatic design effect. This could include family photos that have only that color in them or simply include it in some capacity — the more emphasis on one hue, the more dramatic the end result will be.

Mix and Match

Rather than only choose modern, abstract paintings or older, traditional style art, get a good mix of both. This can make an interesting dynamic between the two and positively impact the space. This also helps each piece shine without distracting from the other art that’s hung up. To keep this option cohesive, it’s beneficial to pick an even number of each art style.

Get Personal With a Photo Wall

Think of this gallery wall as a display of your life and what you admire. You don’t just have to hang up art pieces — get some of your favorite family pictures printed and dig up important tickets, postcards or other mementos from special moments in your and your family’s life and create a photo wall. Did you and your partner attend a special event or visit a dream vacation spot? Hang up a ticket or postcard from your adventures! Or, did your kid paint you a beautiful picture you can’t part with? Don’t just stick it on the fridge — add it to your gallery wall for everyone to see.

black and white artBlack and white art looks chic and classic.

Go Black and White

Similar to the monochromatic look, choosing only black and white pictures and art pieces as your home decor ensures the gallery wall matches the existing design of your home. This bold choice can give your hallway a classic, old-Hollywood look. Or, if you want to keep it modern, pick more neutral paintings that can deliver a chic, colorless wall design.

Tips for Getting the Gallery Wall Right

We already told you there’s no wrong way to do this, but there are some key guidelines to keep in mind for the most flawless finish:

  • Vary the sizes of wall art or family photos that you hang: Unless you want a fully symmetrical look with all the hallway decor lined up in the identical size, it’s advantageous to select a variety of frame sizes. A good rule of thumb is to choose two larger items and then fill in the rest with smaller pieces.
  • Repeat colors two to three times: Unless you’re going for a monochromatic look, it’s best to keep your call cohesive by using the same handful of colors a couple of times throughout your pictures.
  • Space your pieces: Don’t bunch all your artwork together. Instead, give each piece about 3 inches of space on all sides. It doesn’t have to be perfectly spaced or even throughout, but this keeps the wall from looking too cramped. If you have less wall space in a narrow hallway, you can create a mini gallery wall. Simply use photos or art prints in a smaller picture frame size to complete the look.

Choosing the Right Artwork and Color Palette

Before picking what items will be a part of your display, it’s important to pin down what your goals are for the entryway gallery wall. It’s beneficial if it matches the aesthetic of your home’s design, but you can still play around with different styles that fit with the existing look and feel.

A helpful exercise is deciding what main piece is essential to be included in your layout, then working the other pieces around it to fill the wall space. If this piece is bright and colorful, maybe a bolder wall is the way to go. But, if the artwork or picture is more subdued, a vintage or traditional look may be best.

Because your hallway most likely doesn’t get the best light, painting the walls a neutral or soft color is generally best. This ensures that the light you have is reflected, making the passage feel more spacious. But, this doesn’t mean you have to choose white. While there’s nothing wrong with this color, you can find taupes, light grays, greens, blues or creams that can be beautiful in almost any hallway. Just ensure the wall art you intend to hang up for your entryway gallery wall goes well with the wall hue as well as your foyer’s overall design.

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