Designed By Suzanne Christie

"A charming and feminine Guest Room Garden Retreat was brought to life by incorporating color and touches of glam. The focal point was a shelter queen upholstered bed in oatmeal fabric with sandy blonde wood trim, complemented by a whimsical wall mural, giving the room the delightful ambiance of a growing flower garden. Mirrored nightstands provided ample storage while creating an airy and spacious feel, enhanced by peony pink lamps adding the perfect amount of color and light to accentuate the mural. Grass-green linen fabric was utilized for the duvet and euro shams, adorned with lace trim to add a frilly touch, and completed with pillows in carnation pink, crisp white, and fuchsia for a stunning finishing touch. A neutral rug repeating the mural's pattern added warmth under the bed, and a pink chair and small white chest were thoughtfully added for guests to use. The look was beautifully tied together with white and taupe patterned embroidered sheers, providing both softness and privacy, hanging elegantly over the French doors on satin gold poles with chrome rings mimicking the nightstands. The finishing touches were glass ball finials, echoing the peony pink lamps and nightstand knobs. The result is a lovely and inviting Guest Room Garden Retreat that perfectly combines color, comfort, and a touch of luxury."