Designed By Donna Smith

"A modern and sophisticated bedroom was expertly designed for a college-aged daughter, incorporating luxurious textures and neutral tones with blush and gold accents. The elegant space features a modern upholstered bed and bench in taupe chenille with a glossy white wood frame, flanked by glossy white nightstands with glass tops for added functionality. The hotel-style bedding, adorned with an embroidered chain pattern, along with faux fur shams and taupe accent pillows, adds a touch of opulence, while the subtle animal print chair and white chairside table create a cozy reading area. The stunning ivory drapery panels, banded with metallic embroidered trim and mounted on acrylic rods with gold accents, add a touch of glamour to the room. The final touches, including cream luxurious area rug and exquisite artwork in white, black, gold, and blush, bring a sense of drama and sophistication to this inviting and beautiful retreat."