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Give Your Sunroom a Facelift With These Bright Ideas


While the Earth revolves around the sun, your home redecorating probably doesn’t focus on your sunroom. Honestly, this space may not actually be used as much as you’d like, leaving it to look a bit outdated and ready for a revamp.

If that’s the case, don’t sweat it! It’s the perfect time of year to prepare it for lots of use. Here are some sunroom ideas to try this summer.

Key Factors To Consider for Your Sunny Sanctuary

Ready to create a space where you can have a lazy day indoors without missing out on that beneficial vitamin D? Here are some tips for putting together a room where you’ll spend many hours curled up with a good book and your favorite coffee mug:

functional spaceOpt for functionality over fashion for your sunroom.

Opt for Functionality Over Fashion

Before getting started with the redesign process, first determine how you plan to use the sunroom. This will help you get the right furniture and decor. Do you want it to be an inviting place where people want to gather, serving as a central spot that connects the backyard and the rest of the house? Or would you rather have this sunny room be an isolated hideout where you can escape from reality for a few hours?

This decision will help you determine what type and amount of furniture you need and how the room should be laid out. For example, if you want this to be the go-to spot for your friends and family to play board games, you’ll need plenty of seating and a bigger dining room-style table. Or if you desire the sunroom to be a space for your plants to thrive while you curl up with your latest novel, a comfortable lounge chair and coffee table are top priorities.

Choose a Light and Airy Color Scheme

Keep your sunroom bright and inviting by using light colors like white, blue, and pale neutrals. You can also go the more colorful route and choose coral, sage green or mustard yellow. These lighter colors can make the room appear even bigger and really maximize your space, giving it the overall feel you’d like to achieve. For instance, white paint reflects the lights, making your space feel bright and open. Or pale blue can make the area feel soothing and calm, evoking feelings of relaxation and tranquility.

No matter what color palette you select, make sure you look at the paint or wallpaper color in the natural sunlight before bringing it into your home. That way you’ll know exactly what hue you can expect during the middle of the day when the sunshine is brightly streaming into your room.

Just Because It’s a Sunroom Doesn’t Mean It Doesn’t Need Lights

Think about your lighting fixtures and what purpose they’ll serve throughout the day. Do you have a particular corner that seems weirdly dark? Or perhaps the area you live in doesn’t get much sun (I’m looking at you, Seattle). Even if this room is bathed in sun 80% of the day, it’s still helpful to have some kind of lighting fixture to use once the sun sets.

So what types of light fixtures work in this nontraditional room? Well for starters, you can never go wrong with lamps. Table lamps, floor lamps — you name the type of lamp and it can probably work in your sunroom. These are especially helpful because many sunrooms don’t have overhead lights due to the nature of the space.

On top of lamps, twinkle lights or string lights can add a whimsical look to your sunroom. Hang them across the ceiling or around the perimeter of the room so you can switch them on as the sun and moon swap places. Or for a more rustic look, try placing black or metal lanterns on your tables or hung as sconces on the walls.

airy colorsA light and airy color scheme can make the room seem big and bright.

Hang Sunroom Window Treatments

Obviously, the whole point of a sunroom is to have it be really sunny. However, on really bright days, it can be a bit too bright without drapery. Window treatments can be a homey addition to your sunroom if you want to have the option for further privacy.

There are a few different considerations for your sunroom window treatments:

  • UV protection: Because this room especially gets a lot of rays, the window treatment you choose needs to withstand harmful UV rays which can cause fading and deterioration over time. The proper window treatment will protect your flooring and furniture to make your design investment last longer.
  • Temperature and moisture resistance: Sunrooms are typically subject to fluctuating temperatures and moisture since these styles of rooms aren’t built with the temperature control or insulation of the rest of the house. You’ll want drapery that can remain in good shape throughout the year.
  • Light and privacy control: The material you choose will enable you to let in your desired light and give you the amount of privacy you want. For instance, solar shades give you a decent amount of privacy while still allowing quite a bit of sunshine in. On the other hand, black-out window treatments can fully block out the sun and wandering eyes when drawn.

Accessorize Sparingly

Because there’s not a lot of actual wall space due to the large windows in the room, there’s not going to be a ton of artwork hung up. Instead, you can put sunroom decor on the side and coffee tables throughout the room. However, this style of room should be kept fairly simple to not distract from the beauty of the world around you.

Some key accessories that should be included are:

  • House plants.
  • An area rug.
  • Throw pillows.
  • Vases of flowers or greenery.

6 Sunroom Design Ideas

Want to spruce up your sunroom, making it a 10 out of 10 place to chill alone or host your friends? Here are some sunroom design ideas to inspire you:

Connect With the Outdoors

Incorporate elements like outdoor furniture, potted plants and warm lighting that can create a seamless transition between your indoor and outdoor space. This is especially helpful if your room connects to a side porch or back patio, making the sunroom feel like an extension of your yard — minus the dirt and grass. Your sunroom addition can make outdoor living feel luxurious.

Comfortable Furniture for Seating

Choose spots you can sink into and stay for hours, making your sunroom act as a second living room. Cushioned sofas, armchairs, ottomans and chaise lounges are cozy options that work for most spaces. Because the sunroom can take inspiration from nature, using pieces that have organic materials like wicker furniture can really bring the design together. For a fun twist, hang up a rattan chair in a corner for an extra nice spot that’s different from any other piece in your home. You can also go with all rattan furniture for an extra beachy, organic look.

Sheer Draperies

Install sheer window treatments to diffuse harsh sunlight while still allowing in plenty of sunlight. They also blend into the background when not being used. This gives a magical look, especially when the windows are open, causing the draperies to flap in the breeze. You know what pairs stunningly with this style of window treatment? Intricate gold hardware. Nothing screams whimsy quite like this enchanting combination.

Make a Space for Your Inner Yogi

Whether you’ve been doing yoga for years or are simply looking for a way to release some stress, make your sunroom a tranquil space where you can lay out a mat and get in some much-needed stretching and deep breathing. Your yoga mat and weights can have a permanent spot in your sunroom corner, or you can put in some beautiful open shelves or a bureau for storage.

Create a Sunny Home Office

You’ve most likely heard that natural sunlight does the mind and body good. If so, your sunroom is the perfect place to spend your 9 to 5. Put this theory to the test by setting up your home office in this sunny escape. Place a desk or thin table near the far window, sit in your favorite comfortable chair and get to work! You can also add small artwork propped up on the desk, a table lamp for extra light and a vase of greenery to tie the look together.

Put in a Bar Cart or Coffee Corner

For those of you who desire to be the host with the most, designate a small section of your room to drinks — alcoholic or caffeinated. Whether you use a classy glass table or a sleek black one, this is a great way to bring a bit of fun into your cozy sunroom. It also makes it easy to get your guests their drinks without having to go into the kitchen, helping you continue conversations without interruption.

Light Up Your Room With Decorating Den Interiors

At Decorating Den Interiors, we love a good challenge. If you feel your sunroom is too far gone or unsalvageable — think again! Our interior decorators will work closely with you to find the perfect furniture, color palette and decor to make your sunroom your new favorite spot in your home.

Once you’ve contacted us, we’ll organize a free consultation with you. We’ll come out to take a look at your home and get a feel for your style. After we’ve met with you to discuss your vision, we’ll draw up some plans to help spruce up your sunroom with style. We’ll factor in your idea(s) and your budget so that our final product aligns with your concept. We make sure to account for even the smallest detail to ensure that we leave no stone unturned (metaphorically, of course). Then after all the work is done, you’ll get to enjoy your revamped sunroom all to yourself.

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